Raikkonen set to reveal 2014 plans this Wednesday

| Source: autosport.com |


Kimi Raikkonen will decide his Formula 1 future in the next 48 hours amid growing speculation about a move to Ferrari.

After weeks of interest surrounding the Finn’s plans, sources close to the former world champion have revealed that he is now ready to make his choice.

Raikkonen has been waiting for Lotus to get the financial and technical assurances he wants to be sure of staying.

However in light of Lotus not being in a position yet to deliver those guarantees, Raikkonen’s management team has also been in discussions with Ferrari.

Those talks are at an advanced stage, with Ferrari also closing in on a decision about who to partner Fernando Alonso with in 2014.

Ferrari is expected to make its choice clear on Wednesday, and it is understood Raikkonen is ready to commit if the deal on offer is attractive.

Although there are reports that Raikkonen’s Ferrari deal is done, sources close to him insist a final call has not been made yet.

Ferrari too is not definite on its plans, although Raikkonen is believed to be its preferred choice.


With the Ferrari decision looming, Lotus is aware that it now has a very small window to get things sorted if it is to keep Raikkonen.

That is why it is continuing to push hard to secure its financial situation, both in terms of a deal with investor Infinity Racing and potential increased backing from Renault.

Lotus boss Eric Boullier said Raikkonen was aware exactly of what his team had to offer.

“The decision rests more with him because he has an offer from us,” said Boullier.

“We know he has a couple of things we have to supply and deal with to close the discussion.

“But now Kimi is in a position where he is being chased by most of the paddock and he will decide.

“He knows what he gets with us, but he doesn’t know what he will get if he changes teams.”


Boullier is hopeful that the matter will be resolved imminently and that he can deliver exactly what Raikkonen wants.

“I am very hopeful within a week I can have answers to the reassurances he is asking for,” he said.

“From that point on we can move very fast when it comes to talking about next year and trying to find a successful solution.”

Should Boullier’s bid to keep Raikkonen fail, then Nico Hulkenberg – who is also on Ferrari’s shortlist – is expected to move across from Sauber.

Boullier said he was comfortable with the team’s plans because of the competitiveness of its car.

“After the second Ferrari seat we are lucky enough to be the next team on the list, so people can afford to wait,” he said. “We can afford this luxury choice.”

7 thoughts on “Raikkonen set to reveal 2014 plans this Wednesday

  1. The deal is done. As I wrote beofre…
    Kimi will join Alonso, thus replacing Massa.
    Base salary 20 millions of euros
    Contract for 2014, 2015 and optional 2016.
    Money for salary will be provided by Shell
    Kimi will be allowed to do rallying.
    Kimi won’t have to attend press conferences if he doesn’t want to.


  2. The deal is done, yes. He must just announce it tomorrow.

    Lotus only have themselves to blame for this move. Not only were they unable to pay his salary, but they weren’t able to get his car up to speed either. In fact, the last two races have been a disaster for the team, and probably swayed Kimi’s decision to move to Ferrari.


  3. I hope you guys right.

    If this goes ahead, I feel very happy for Ferrari crew. God, they can just do their job knowing that guy behind the wheel will do his best and not gonna be breathing down their neck all the time undermining their expertise.

    It will be a breath of fresh air for Ferrari.


  4. I used to ask why Kimi wants to return to Ferrari? But I noticed that what happened in the past is not that important actually. Kimi as the victim is willing to forgive then why should we bother? Moreover, his return also means Ferrari needs him so they call him back 🙂

    So if Kimi say bye-bye to Lotus & return to Ferrari then I will do the same to the fan forum 🙂 One thing I find it very interesting in this 8 years is, Kimi’s move always create such heat in discussion hahaha…


  5. i hate to see Kimi leaving Lotus, he’s so much happier there, but the car rarely shows its’ speed. I prefer Kimi winning despite the team he’s gonna be in. Let’s go to Ferrari and shows them who’s the boss, because Kimi’s always the boss


  6. Lotus made promises they did not/could not keep. The car seemed competitive at the beginning of the year with so much to offer, but – and in much the same way as last year – it failed to produce any significant gains. In fact, since the break – and since Allison’s departure – quali results have been dismal.


  7. Finally confirmed on Ferrari website!

    Good that it’s settled then and I think this is much better guarantee to have a good car next year! There are Byrne, Allison, Fry, … and they have now no excuse not winning next year because they have 2 WDC drivers now.

    I hope there will be no excesses with intra-team relationships.. Go Kimi!


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