Sunday in Monza: “The car felt surprisingly good”

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It was a rather rapid Finn on track today after a first lap pit stop for a new nose, with the stats showing his race time post stop as being only a second shy of race winner Sebastian Vettel. Our man fills us in on his race.

Q: How was your race?

KR: When I lost the front wing I had to come in and change to a new one meaning an extra pit stop which we hadn’t planned. It’s not just the time in the pits, but you have to work your way through the field afterwards.

Q: How was the car feeling?

KR: The car felt good, surprisingly good given where we were on Saturday so we were able to make some overtaking moves. Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do after the start to the race we had.

Q: What happens next?

KR: We go to Singapore and see how the car feels there. It’s a different type of track and different downforce levels so hopefully it works better for us in qualifying as that’s where we need to do well to set us up for the race.

2 thoughts on “Sunday in Monza: “The car felt surprisingly good”

  1. Before Singapore it will be announced that Raikkonen will be joining Ferrari next year. It’s now a certainty. Only remaining question is who will be his team-mate 2014, Alonso or Nico Hulkenberg?

    Wouldn’t that be fun if both Massa and Alonso got the boot!

    Forza Kimi! Forza Ferrari!


  2. I saw so many “Come back Kimi” banners at Monza it was unreal.

    It seems they worked!


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