Kimi’s Column: Belgium review + Italy preview

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Head up to Monza

Well, I¹ve been around long enough to know, you never can win them all. We had a pretty good run of decent results since the very beginning of the last season, so I could expect that to stop sometime.

Obviously, it happened in Spa.

It was never to be a good battle field for me this time. We simply didn¹t have general speed enough. Then we didn¹t get that well-timed qualifying we would have needed to fight for the podium. And finally we picked up the brake issue, that destroyed our race.

With the first DNF, however, we missed some good points, which hurt our championship fight, while all the other top guys scored maximum points.

But it would be just waste of time and energy to cry because of it afterwards. Let¹s keep the head up and go flat out to Monza.

And it really will be flat out again. Monza is the most historical racing place I know. All the cars will have the smallest wings to go as fast as possible on those long straights.

As a driver the speed itself doesn¹t make any difference to other circuits. With these cars you always try to go as fast as possible.

I have never won in Monza, so it would be really nice to experience that, too. We should get some new parts to our car. Hopefully it helps, while the low downforce nature of a circuit like Monza has not been that ideal for our car last year, and it¹s still the case this season, as well.

There is no reason to give up the fight for the championship. We won the first race of the season, and we would need some top points more to get back to top fight. It¹s still 200 points to gain, so everything is still possible.

One period of continual point scoring races ended in Spa. Let¹s try to start a new one with big points in Monza!

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