Saturday in Hungary

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A bit of a sideways action and P6 on the grid in the heat of Hungary means Kimi has work to do in tomorrow’s race, but our Finn reckons it is possible to move forwards in Budapest….

Q: How was qualifying for you?

KR: It hasn’t been the easiest weekend for me so far. Maybe the new tyres are a bit different – especially on the front – so it’s been hard to find a good setup. We’re getting there little by little and the car was definitely better in qualifying than at any other point this weekend. Obviously P6 is not ideal, but it’s better than we have seen sometimes this season so we’ll try and see what we can do tomorrow. It’s not so easy to overtake here, but we have seen in past years that if you can run with the tyres well you can make a lot of places, so let’s see what we can do.

Q: How far forwards do you think you can move from sixth?

KR: You can see a lot of places won or lost during a race; even at a track where overtaking is not easy. We’ll do our best and if we can make the car work well with the tyres then we could move forwards. We made up a lot of places here last year so there always could be chances to improve our position.

Q: Will the car’s tendency for strong performance in the heat – and in race conditions – help you?

KR: We have new tyres so no-one knows how they will work in the race. It’s too early to say now, but we’ll know afterwards for sure.

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