Kimi’s Column: Canada GP Review

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Weekend to forget

As I have said many times, I’m here to race, not to make numbers. Well, the Canadian race weekend was not at all the one I would like to try to remember afterwards. A simple reason was that we didn’t have speed enough during the whole event.

Obviously, we still have a problem with the wet weather. The qualifying in the rain was a dreadful experience. We didn’t have any grip to go fast, so we could not get anything out of it, and then, after a while, we got a grid penalty as the final addition to a bad day.

If you want to find a positive thing in our side, so while the stewards decide to punish you, it’s good you have not reached the top position. That would have hurt much more.

The race was very tricky for us. To start in the middle of pack in a circuit like Montreal with a car lacking the speed to compete with the top guys, there is nothing else to do, but try to finish the race with decent points.

We had the worst pit stop during the season so far, the car was dropped, and we lost even more with that. So finishing the race in P9 was the result. They told me, I broke some record, but I don’t care about any records, just the points.

Two points is better than nothing, but nothing to be pleased with.

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