Boullier sure Canada slump a non-repeat

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“This is a very specific track, and with our car we could just not switch the tyres on. It does not help as well when it is cold and it is wet,says Eric Boullier.

“Our pace was not so bad with Romain [Grosjean] in practice but, if you look at the race, we were 1.5 seconds slower than Red Bull and Mercedes. You do not lose 1.5 seconds from one race to another one. It is just that something went wrong.

“We have some good developments coming for Silverstone, so that should help us keep up and close the gap to the leader. And with normal tracks we should be able to get the best out of our car.”

Boullier does not believe Lotus’s recent downturn in results is a sign that it is losing out in the development race.

“We lost positions, so we have to work hard to keep the pace,” he said. “But we know the car is competitive, and the team is competitive. There is no reason why we should not be back fighting for podiums.

“We didn’t have the five podiums in a row since the start of the season just by chance or coincidence. It is because the package is competitive. But we may struggle some time on some tracks. We know this and we have to work on this to at least avoid this happening this season at low energy tracks – and next year as well.”

3 thoughts on “Boullier sure Canada slump a non-repeat

  1. Dont believe anything this man says. He wants to play down the drama that is unfolding at Lotus for he knows that Kimi will be gone just like a bat out of hell come 2014 – unless Lotus’ fortunes turn around of course.

    I am very pessimistic though.


  2. Webber’s recent good perfrmances are not a good thing for Kimi. Webber may negotiate another one year extension. I dnt think its easy for Webber to leave the best car despite his cnflictual relations with the team. Hopefully Red Bull is really determined to bring the Iceman to Milton Keynes. It will be certainly Kimi’s biggest career. Can’t wait for it to happen.


    1. Indeed! It will be most interesting to see Vettel and Kimi racing each other in the same car, on the same team. Lotus have clearly lost the plot – and their promises – whereas RB are continually dominating the sport. If I were Kimi, I would most certainly take the seat if it was offered to me.


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