Sunday in Canada: “I care about scoring points, not records”

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He may have equalled Michael Schumacher’s record of 24 consecutive points finishes [not that he cares] but today’s Canadian Grand Prix wasn’t the race the Iceman wanted…

Q: How was the Canadian Grand Prix for you?

KR: My race didn’t start very well and then my brakes were fading with the pedal going soft; similar to the problem we had on Friday. It wasn’t ideal but at least the brakes were good enough to slow me down for the corners. Unfortunately though it meant I lost a lot of time and wasn’t able to attack, plus we lost a few seconds in the pit stop which obviously didn’t help either. Most of my race was just following the cars in front and defending from those behind, so not the most enjoyable day nor the most enjoyable result.

Q: Was it frustrating to lose a place to Felipe [Massa] late in the race?

KR: Yes, but my tyres were shot so I couldn’t keep him behind me.

Q: You equalled Michael Schumacher’s points finishes record?

KR: I don’t care about that. I care about scoring the points, but not about any records.

Q: In summary?

KR: It’s been a bad weekend, but at least we scored a few points.

8 thoughts on “Sunday in Canada: “I care about scoring points, not records”

  1. A weekend to forget.


  2. So sad that a marshall lost his life on the circuit ysterday. As for the race its my biggest disappointment since Spa 2008, i can’t believe that what we saw ysterday, simply a nightmare. As Lars said ‘a wknd to forget’ n i hope not to be repeated. I was full of optimism ysterday night when i saw that the circuit was bathed with the sun. I was cnvinced that we’ll see a great cmeback from our man…but it was never going to happen. It was clear that after 3 laps that the race going to be long for Kimi…2 laps too long… Nothing worked, the start wasn’t great, the pace wasn’t decent and the strategy was bad,very bad. I remember that during the 1st part of the race Sutil spun at the turn 3 n kimi pass him but it was only a penalty that enabled Kimi to finish in frnt of him. Di Resta who started well behind Kimi finished 7th. The strategy was also bad in Spain n Monaco in my view. I think we would lie to ourselves if we still think that Kimi is in the title’s race, Vettel has 90% probability of winning it for the 4th cnsecutive times. The car was so impressive. I hope Lotus keep on developping the car because it will be increasingly difficult for Kimi to get onto the podium as the Mercedes have improve the tyre-degradation while the Ferraris are very quick. Hope Kimi can snatch one or two wins by the end of the season especially in Spa n Monza where he has never won. The aim is now to get that Red Bull seat. I’m not that sure Webber is leaving though. Guys, ur thought on yesterday’s race plz. P.S plz get us a dry n hot wknd for Silverstone Saima.


  3. This is a massive disaster. From 1st in Australia, to a very distant 3rd in the points today. Lotus are not worthy of a driver like Kimi.

    He will surely leave at the end of the season now, and rightfully so. Once again, Lotus has not only dissapointed Kimi, but also us watching at home. Its frustrating to watch the usual downward turn in fortune, as happened in 2012. Only this time it happened much quicker.

    Go to Red Bull Kimi. The sooner, the better.


    1. More and more I have to agree with you mate.


  4. Just wanna knw if J.Villeneuve was on twitter n whether someone follow him. If its the case just tell him to stop talking shit about Kimi n be a bit objective. He was so happy that Kimi was struggling in the race.


    1. I completely agree with you, Leonardo.
      Lotus shouldn’t be so respected. E21 is good but not quite as we thought.But the personnel has started to be awful. Pitstops are still James Allison has left the team recently.
      I’m so pissed of Lotus F1 Team. Boullier promised many things for Canada -nothing happened. I’m sure Lotus will be much better for Kimi, but not enough to challenge Vettel to cut the lead. They don’t deserve Kimi. I’m happy for that Kimi’s record. That preserved me from going completely mad. Red Bull is and is going to be Rensult’s works team. Lotus is not and is nog going to be works team. In the age of new rules it’s very important to be in works team. Red Bull and Kimi, please unite!!!


  5. Ur way too harsh concerning Lotus. For sure they can’t be good as Red Bull on a whole season but i think they are a very good team. They don’t have the financial n human resources teams like R.bull, Ferrari, mercedes or Mclaren but still they r giving Kimi a car capable fighting at the frnt. I think we,fans of kimi, should be very grateful to Lotus, they’ve given Kimi’s career a massive boost n enable him a fantastic cmeback. We must not forget that Kimi was near to sign for Williams but Lotus rightfully cnvinced him. I prefer not to imagine what would have happen had Kimi signed for Williams. I dnt think Kimi would have cntinued in F1 after 2012, he would have lost his passion after a year in such a bad car. Nowadays Kimi is linked to R.bull thanks to Lotus. I’m grateful to them n i think they r doing a good job dspite lacking money. They havn’t had a major sponsor for the last 2 years,i think. It must be difficult to cmpete with the top teams but the E21 is doing the job. It will be fantastic that Kimi go to R.bull though but hopefully he leaves in good terms with Enstone.


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