Friday in Canada: “Not too bad”

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It’s been a relatively low-key start for the Iceman here at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, but he’s confident the team are closing in on that setup sweet spot…

Q: How was your running today?

KR: We improved the car through the day and by the end of the session it was ok; not ideal but certainly not a disaster either. It wasn’t easy to get the tyres up to temperature today, but it’s pretty cold at the circuit so that’s not too much of a surprise. If we can get the tyres working better it will be an improvement for sure, but it’s not going to change the world. We’ll be looking at how to get them a bit warmer for qualifying tomorrow and then see what the weather does. After that, we’ll do the best we can.

Q: Did the weather affect the usual data collection and evaluation on a Friday?

KR: Even with the weather I think we got pretty much all you can in one day so it was pretty okay; not maybe the fastest but the times are very close here for everybody so even if you go just a little bit faster you make a lot of places.

Q: What needs to be done to move a few places up the order?

KR: Our car’s not too bad but like I said before we have a few issues with getting the tyres up to temperature. If we can get them switched on it’ll make a good difference, so we’re working on the set-up there. I think we’re around where we’ve been all season so far and a small improvement could put us five places higher, but a small change the wrong way could also send us five places further back.

Q: You finished the second practice session early; any dramas?

KR: We had something we needed to check with the brakes. We’ve checked them now and there shouldn’t be a problem for the rest of the weekend.

1 thought on “Friday in Canada: “Not too bad”

  1. Quite surprised that isn’t worried. His flying laps times were relatively slow compared to the best. He made a couple of unusual mistakes on high fuel and locked the front tyres a couple of time. Guess the low temperature of the track affect Kimi more than any other driver. The Mercedes, bulls n Ferraris look very competitive. Quali should be on wet which means that a decent place on the grid looks unlikely. Hope i’m wrong. I’ll signed for a P8 in quali. Hope the track is dry n hot for the race. A race with high tyre-degradation will give Kimi a good chance to make a podium but the win will be very difficult. Does someone knw if there’s a particular reason y J.Villeneuve hates Kimi that much? His comments were quite shocking yesterday while commenting. Every now n then he has something bad to say about Kimi. He’s jealous,no doubt about that but i think there is also another reason. I’m just fed up of his voice.


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