Young resourcefulness; Kimi’s nephews at Barcelona

| Source: | by Heikki Kulta | Translation courtesy of Nicole |


I have circulated the F1 paddock for a long time. On Sunday morning I met my all time youngest information source ever.

Kimi’s last testing day started with hardships. Lotus remained in the garage after only one test lap.

Since nothing happened I went there myself to find out why nothing happens.

I stepped inside Lotus team’s VIP premises where Kimi’s brother Rami Räikkönen sat in a table with his sons Justus and Tiitus. I met Kimi’s nephews for the first time on Saturday and we got along immediately.

I barely had time to say hello when the youngest Räikkönen – Tiitus, 6 years old, told this F1 reporter with his Lotus cap sideways that he can tell that the gearbox in Kimi’s car spit out all the oil on the ground and his driving stopped right there.

This is how you sometimes hear the news…

I rushed back to the media center and published the info before anyone else knew anything about it. Of course I stopped on the way to get a confirmation from a familiar Lotus engineer.

Kimi’s nephews got a lot of fans in the track area. For example the track officials were completely in awe when these small brothers walked with their dad around the track following the tests.

Tiitus took as many pictures he possibly could of the people on the paddock and the cars with the iPod he got from Uncle Kimi for Christmas. The brothers seemed to have fun and at the end of the day the whole gang took off with Kimi’s rental plane towards new adventures.

2 thoughts on “Young resourcefulness; Kimi’s nephews at Barcelona

  1. Jelena Milojevic March 5, 2013 — 9:55 pm

    Lucky kids 🙂 !


    1. To have an uncle like uncle Kimi is, makes the childhood of Justus and Tiitus very exciting and interesting. And who knows – maybe it gives even direction to the future?! Happy & joy to the boys, to all of them – Kimi, Rami, Justus and Tiitus!


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