F1 Racing – Kimi: the full picture

The March 2013 issue of F1Racing arrived in my post yesterday – it includes a great feature on Kimi! It’s the season preview issue, packed with lots of fab stuff including a ‘Champions of F1′ poster displaying all the winning cars in side-profile view and it’s a brilliant way of looking at how the cars’ design sometimes return back to their previous ancestors. I recommend you to buy a copy once it is out a week’s time. Enjoy!

“One of very few journalists to un-riddle F1’s great enigma is Anthony Peacock, who spent a year as the reticent Iceman’s personal press officer. And guess what? It turned out to be a laugh a minute…”

To view pages in high resolution, click on the image and select “view in full size” in the bottom right box. Or just right-click and open image link in new window you noobs!

Anthony Peacock, press officer: “Kimi may leave some interviewers frustrated, but unlike many of his contemporaries, he’ll never tell a lie; beneath the laid-back exterior there is a man with rigorous integrity.”

Mark Arnall, physical trainer: “He doesn’t get caught up worrying what people think of him. People have differing opinions about Kimi, but he really doesn’t care what they are. Instead, he has the ability to focus solely on driving the car.”

Kaj Lindstrom, rally co-driver: “There’s no side to Kimi. What you see is what you get. Sure, it wasn’t always easy. But it took me about two minutes to realise how special he was. He enjoyed his rallying and I think he’ll give it another go one day. If he asked me, I’d be delighted to co-drive for him again. It’s obvious he’s got the talent and speed.”

Steve Robertson, manager: “He’s always had this great natural feel that lets him push hard but still get the most out of the tyres. The number of fastest laps he’s set speaks for itself. It’s a god-given talent.”

Rami Raikkonen, brother: “In the end, Kimi will just do what he wants to do. The only sure thing is that the more you tell him not to do something, the more likely he is to do it.”

“Neatly packaged in one sentence, that’s all you need to know about Kimi. And it’s what makes him the most interesting individual and surprisingly committed driver out there. Because it’s easy enough to conform. Much harder to choose your own road.”

11 thoughts on “F1 Racing – Kimi: the full picture

  1. Looking forward to getting my issue (hoping to find it at one of the two bookstores in town).


    1. Hey Paige! It’s great, if you can’t get a copy in the end I can send you a pdf version of it online 🙂


      1. Oh I’ll get my hands on a copy. It’s a just a matter of when they get put on the shelves.


  2. This is a nice piece in Finnish newspaper, translated by Nicole 🙂
    There is electricity in Räikkönen

    Helsingin Sanomat 11.2.2013 (paper edition)
    By Ari Pusa

    The WDC from year 2007 attracts international media like fly-paper.

    What is most memorable from the season’s first winter tests which ended on Friday in Jerez?

    The incredible interest in Kimi Räikkönen.

    When Räikkönen had his first international media-event on Thursday evening over 100 reporters and photographers from the whole world’s media were present.

    No other driver was crowded the same way. Räikkönen attracts media like fly-paper.


    There is something strange and fascinating in Räikkönen’s persona, that for a Finn is sometimes difficult to understand.

    Räikkönen talks silently and his answers are the usual F1-jargon, yet they interest.

    “There is electricity in him, something that can’t be found in others”, Autosport’s reporter summed up.

    What adds to the interest in him is without doubt the fact that he is a talented driver. He learns unusually fast how to control and setup a F1-car.

    A driver like this is a gold nugget to the team. Not to talk about Lotus, who thanks to Räikkönen’s victory in Abu Dhabi got new sponsors.

    According to rumours on the paddock Lotus still owes the victory-bonuses to Räikkönen, but they don’t talk about it. Räikkönen isn’t troubled over it – at least yet – because he doesn’t need any pocket change.

    Räikkönen was calm and professional in Jerez although he had drama in his own private life.

    The last years have clearly matured him as a human being.


    1. Thks for this additional article!
      Kimi is indeed special (*^﹏^*)


  3. Saima, hello!

    Thanks for posting this article, I really enjoyed reading it!



  4. Kimi is unique and we can relate to him – that is part of the Raikkonen phenomenon. His eyes are also incredibly powerful and focused and one just cannot comprehend the power of his eyes until you actually meet him.

    I was fortunate enough to bump into him at the airport while waiting for a transfer and I was completely taken aback by his presence. His blue-grey eyes are not unlike those of a wolf. Very intimidating indeed!

    I can understand all the hype surrounding Kimi Raikkonen.


  5. Leonardo, you are lucky to meet him in person. Wowwwwwwww!!!! Would meet him one day for sure before I die. Kimi Raikkonen forever!!


  6. To not love this guy…..it doesn´t possible! So assured, tough and obstinate on his way, so honest in his actions and sayings, so human in our messy world:) And as a driver – the fast, very focused and type of fighter/winner! Success & luck to Kimi!
    To You, Saima – a deep thanks-bow:))


  7. Which drama in private life was the article talking about I wonder?


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