Kimi: “I had a sleep”



He may have spent the majority of the day on the sidelines, but nothing flusters Kimi Räikkönen; the Iceman launching to the sharp end of the leaderboard and taking advantage of some down time in his own unique way on day 2 at the Circuit de Catalunya.

Q: Kimi, you must be frustrated?

KR: Yes, it’s frustrating and no driver wants to hang around a race track with nothing to do. We had a gearbox issue and it took the crew a long time to fix it. Sometimes these things take a long time and that’s pretty normal when you have a test. The team were very busy working on the car, but there’s not much you can do as a driver when this happens and it’s not great to watch the other cars put lots of laps on the board.

Q: With the car unable to run what did you do?

KR: I had a sleep.

Q: Is the lack of running over the last two days a major setback?

KR: Not really. When we did get out on track we were immediately the third fastest car out there so that’s always promising. The day was not what we hoped to have but Romain will test the car for the next two days then I will test the car again next week. I’d far rather have these problems in testing than in the races. Everyone is busy in the factory making new parts and we will hopefully head to Australia with all the problems ironed out. Last year we missed all of the second test in Barcelona and the car was still pretty good for the season. It’s frustrating not to get much running today, but it’s not the end of the world.

6 thoughts on “Kimi: “I had a sleep”

  1. That time passer doesn’t surprise me. Hope he had a good sleep.

    I really like the sunglasses he’s wearing.


  2. Sleeping with who?


      1. Very wise decision! Kimi should be happy, he can sleep wherever, whenever – it proves, everything is in balance – as mentally as bodily as well – super! Everybody has to make his job – at this time the team was doing their the best. After that – Kimi did his! Perfect!!


  3. From

    On the evidence thus far, who do you think will win in Melbourne?

    Raikkonen: 30.4%
    Alonso: 17.61%
    Button 12.72%
    Vettel: 9.85%
    Hamilton: 7.97%


    1. :O That’s a bit crazy… Kimi fans tend to go nuts in votings and polls lol But I hope he can fight for the win 🙂


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