Kimi sketch: Spinning away…


It has been years since I put pencil to paper and sketch. I’ve had the song “Spinning Away” by John Cale and Brian Eno stuck in my head since I came across my 2007 champion tribute video for Kimi the other day in my (vast) collection lol, except I used the Sugar Ray’s cover of the wonderful song for the video:

Up On a Hill, As the Day Dissolves
With My Pencil Turning Moments Into Life

On a Hill, Under a Raven Sky
I Have No Idea Exactly What I’ve Drawn
Some Kind of Change, Some Kind of Spinning Away
With Every Single Line Moving Further Out in Time

I thought the lyrics always blended nicely with the theme of Kimi Raikkonen Space (just my weird interpretation of things!). So it inspired me to start drawing again. Hopefully more to come, as I would like to try Kimi in the Lotus E20 next 🙂

5 thoughts on “Kimi sketch: Spinning away…

  1. Saima, you make y day every time I come here! Thank yoiuyou very very much! It is snowing here and Kimi is looking like Christmas. :))


    1. You’re welcome Leila! Hahaha, yes, I put the hat on Kimi, he must be feeling cold with the snow falling :p


  2. Jeez, you are the biggest Kimi fan in the world, no doubt about it. I wonder if Kimi knows that he has such a dedicated fan right here? This site is truly remarkable.

    As for the cold, get Kimi in a hot bath instead 🙂


    1. Thanks Leonardo. But I dunno…I think Kimi would probably tell me to “leave him alone!” lol But this website is for the fans, not just him 🙂


      1. Never. He would not do that to you.


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