End of season: quotes on Kimi, Part 1

Source: autosport.com

Sky Sports F1 commentator Martin Brundle: “I think he’s done an extraordinary job, if I’m honest,” he said. “He’s the only driver to complete every racing lap this year; he’s been in the points consistently. I thought he would fade at the end of Abu Dhabi, but he looked fresher on the podium than Alonso did. I was convinced he would run out of physical fitness, and I quite like the irony that he got kicked out of the Ferrari team to make way for Alonso and he cost Alonso the world championship by beating him in Abu Dhabi. I never believed he would win… I don’t know, maybe the car’s incredible, maybe if you’d put Sebastian or Lewis in, it would have won everything. But what’s impressed me most is that he’s been out for two years rallying, hitting trees, and yet he’s not hit another F1 car. His racecraft has been incredible. I think if Grosjean had been on form, Lotus could have won the constructors’ championship.”

Williams co-team principal Toto Wolff: “He was out of the business for a long time, came back and was very solid, constantly scoring points even if it was nothing brilliant. He won, but my honest opinion – and I’m not shy to say it – is that if you want to be a world champion and beat people like Sebastian, you have to have commitment to the overall picture. People liked the radio comments [‘I know what I’m doing’, etc, in Abu Dhabi] and all that stuff, but you should be a team player and acknowledge what they do for you. You push hard, you work hard, you’re at the factory and in the simulator, not seeing it as a weekend job. What he said on the radio, for me, was unacceptable. The engineer and the team are trying to give support and you can’t ridicule them in front of five million people. I wouldn’t accept it.”

Christian Horner: “I like Kimi, I think he’s good for F1, he’s a character and not afraid to be his own person, and I think that’s why he has an enormous following. I think he’s done a very good job this year. He’s come back, kept himself in the world championship until Abu Dhabi, has finished every single grand prix, raced well and has been consistent. Formula 1 is, I think, a better place for having Kimi Raikkonen in it.

13 thoughts on “End of season: quotes on Kimi, Part 1

  1. Good then he didn´t end up in Willams!!


  2. @ Wolff : Do you really think that Raikkonen wanted to insult his engineer ? In the heat of the moment he doesn’t think about how ge gets over, it’s just pure adrenaline ! And who decided to make that team radio possible to hear @ the world … ? If team radio messages where there 4 the spectators in the Shumacher are, like they are now, i would be very curious what you would comment on his communication !!!

    Chetan Patel


  3. Ouch, Toto is a bit burned by missing out on Kimi 🙂


  4. And who is this Toto? Never heard of him before and irritated to see such pathetic comments. Mind your business Mr and you don’t have to accept what Iceman does.


    1. He’s married to Susie Stoddart lol


      1. Susie Stoddart- Mother of Toto?


      2. Hey Saima,

        The Championship Standings on the left side are a bit funky, Webber mentioned twice 🙂

        Thank you for sharing you passion and your dedication this season with us!!

        All the best!!!


  5. Probably Kimi sensed it is no fun to work with this kind of principle so he ended up with Lotus tata… Thank god! hahahaha…


    1. Some preceding phrases have characterised the best way, who´s the man we love: “But what’s impressed me most is that he’s been out for two years rallying, hitting trees, and yet he’s not hit another F1 car….”
      We have a driver, who has respect to himself as driver as anyone other as well!
      “Formula 1 is, I think, a better place for having Kimi Raikkonen in it….”
      That´s very true!!!


  6. Am I not right in saying that Williams were ‘in talks’ with Kimi way before Lotus came into it? Sounds like a case of ‘missed opportunity’ has left Williams & Toto Wolff with a bitter taste in their mouth to me! Kimi made the right decision, he seems very much at home with Lotus. I can’t wait for 2013, Kimi deserves another WDC Title for sure. He has been a pleasure to watch this year and it’s great having him back in F1.


  7. Even though I am sure Kimi would not trouble himself with haters, I must say Toto sounds a bit bitter… An F1 driver hitting another F1 car? I’m not saying Kimi is beyond that, noone is infallible, but what kind of insinuation is this? And it was nothing brilliant that he scored in 19 out of 20 races after two years, which is in itself an eyebrow-raiser, if anything. And if he was not a team player, he would not have given his team the t-shirts and all. I think it’s just a case of sour grapes, to be honest…

    And what on earth does Brundle mean when he says Lewis or Sebastian might have won if put in the E20? Does he imply those two are more talented than Kimi? Because they most certainly aren’t, my good sir, Kimi has worked miracles where no miracle was possible, how can people possibly hint at the possibility that Kimi is unable to get the most out of a car?

    Personally, I believe both Lewis and Sebastian would be where Kimi is as of the 25/11: third in the standings. I think they and Kimi are equally talented… Of course I maintain that if Kimi was in a beast of a car like Red Bull, there’d be noone out there to challenge him 🙂


  8. Kimi is the most understated driver in F1 History. His accomplishments even this year are bordering on miraculous. The fact that Lotus were caught by surprise on his performance based pay speaks bucket loads for the man. I will say this to Martin Brundle and anyone else for that matter :- the question is :- If Kimi did what he did in a Lotus can you imagine what he would have done in a Mclaren or a Red Bull ?.

    As for Toto Wolfe -Kimi was in the heat of battle when he said those things-and no one would think it was even worth a mention. How would Toto like it if his comments during some tough supplier meeting were aired publically ?? Missed opportunity at signing Kimi-YES I think so TOTO !

    I have watched Kimi since his first race and his talents are second to none -his reflex/evasive skills in many races this year were unrivalled and I will stand by this regardless of his win loose or draw.We are so lucky to have him back in F1 and I hope 2013 brings him much joy !


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