Saturday in Brazil: “There’s more speed in the car”


After missing most of FP1 yesterday, Kimi had another hand tied behind his back after an FP3 engine failure this morning robbed him of track time. No matter, the Iceman took to Interlagos with aplomb and – with a penalty for Pastor Maldonado promoting the Finn up one spot – P8 tomorrow will be his starting position

Q: How did qualifying go for you?

KR: It certainly could have been worse! We didn’t have much running because of the engine blow in the morning. In yesterday’s first practice too we didn’t get out on track much, so with both of these things the car was pretty far from where we’d want it to be heading into qualifying. In that respect we were guessing a bit with set-up, simply because the lack of laps to work on things and P8 is the result.

Q: How much more was possible from the car?

KR: We know there’s more speed in the car and I’m sure we’ll be able to show that tomorrow. We certainly could have qualified better with more time as we were still making big improvements.

Q: How difficult were conditions when you went out on the damp track at the start of qualifying?

KR: It was tricky as it was a damp but drying track and we went out on the slicks without doing any laps on the intermediates. There were a few places that were a bit more slippery than others, like coming on to the straight where it was difficult to apply the power. That said, we made it round okay.

Q: There’s forecast for potential rain tomorrow; could that help you in the race?

KR: We cannot change the weather and it’ll be the same for everybody; it is what it is and we’ll try to do the best for the team and the fans. The car has felt good in many different weather conditions this year so I’m sure it will be the same tomorrow.

Q: Any worries with the engine?

KR: Well it’s the one I used in Austin and in Abu Dhabi. It helped me win the race in Abu Dhabi so it can’t be too bad! I think what happened to my engine today was just one of those things; I’m not worried heading into tomorrow’s race.

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