Video: KRS 2012 Abu Dhabi Highlights

Here is my video of Kimi’s stunning performance at last weekend’s Abu Dhabi GP, including his team radio messages of course. Don’t forget to watch in HD mode. Enjoy!

Download in HD via Mediafire | Size: 164MB | Duration: 7.04mins

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11 thoughts on “Video: KRS 2012 Abu Dhabi Highlights

  1. Great Video!!!


  2. Thanks Saima, You are the best. One of these greatest video you always amaze us.

    Have a wonderfull day and week end


  3. yet another quality video , Saima is the kimi f1 car sound impersonation not going to feature again and the “yes yes yes” comment going to replace it in future videos?


    1. Watching this video again and again, it causes the same excitement like a week ago. Thanks, Saima!!


    2. Hahaha, maybe I will include the f1 car imitation at the start of my videos and end it with the radio message.


  4. just out of curiosity, did you develop your video editing skills at university or was it purely through passion?


  5. Thank you very much, Saima! Cool video! 🙂


  6. Great video. Thank you)))


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