Kimi’s column: Korea GP review


Those Were The Days

So it’s four races to go in this season, there are as much as hundred points to gain and we are now 48 behind the leaders.

It¹s a tough call in the championship, for sure. However, I have experienced the similiar kind of situations previously; sometimes it has not been easy at all, but we still managed to get through some how.

Today you never could know beforehand what could happen in motor racing tomorrow.

At least I can promise to all you fans, we will give it our best shot! Right now it doesn’t look like we could be catching Vettel or Alonso, but we will try as long as it’s possible.

We got some important new parts to Korean Grand Prix. I had never tested them before, so it was pretty interesting weekend all way through. It was not the easiest of races. We got the car working better and better, but there was not enough speed in the race ­ for that circuit, any way.

I was pleased with the speed in qualifying. It was not our best lap of the season, but it was good enough to get us a decent position in the starting grid. The start was good and I had my chance to win a place. Then I had to back off, and, obviously, that was it.

After that we raced for the fifth place. We had some rough time behind Hamilton, but finally we got some clean air and managed to seal our P5 for the rest of the race.

I felt the new exhaust system giving more potential to the performance. However, this was the debut for it, so it’s natural we need some time to optimise it and get more out of it in the future.

Obviously, it will depend on the circuit as well. Some places suit better, some not that good. So hopefully we get more out of the system in the next race in India.

India will be a new place for me, like Korea was. I didn’t have any problems to get acquinted with that circuit, so I don¹t expect it to become an issue in India, either.

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  1. Finally it’s October 17 here #IndonesiaTime #HappyBdayKimi #Hyvää Syntymäpäivää Kimi 🙂


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