Sunday in Korea – “we will keep pushing”


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A touch of class and some hard fought battles saw Kimi clinch another top five finish in today’s Korean Grand Prix, and while results elsewhere in the field may not have helped his Championship charge the Iceman is not about to give up yet…

Q: Another race and another solid haul of points; are you satisfied with today’s result?

KR: I think this was about where we should have been today. There were a couple of times where we were in a position to make up some places and – for different reasons – were not able to but even so we didn’t quite have the speed to match the Red Bulls and Ferraris. I was pretty much on my own at the end of the race but we had to keep pushing to maintain position and it wasn’t so easy. Not a fantastic race but at the end of the day we’ve still picked up points for the championship so it’s not too bad.

Q: There seemed to be very few occasions today where you could really push in clean air; how much did that affect your race?

KR: Being forced to sit behind Felipe [Massa] at the start was a bit frustrating. I don’t really understand why the yellow flags were out for so long when the Mercedes was already behind the wall and out of the way. Really though it makes no difference; if I could have passed him I would have done but I don’t think we had the speed to keep the Ferrari behind us anyway. We also lost quite a bit of time behind Lewis [Hamilton] – mainly because the new exhaust system means you lose a little bit of power so it was hard to get past and stay there – but with a few more practice sessions I’m sure we’ll learn a lot more and be able to improve it.

Q: Just four races to go now; what can you hope to achieve before the end of the season?

KR: There’s no point setting targets; we just need to keep working as hard as we can to score good points and see what happens from there. In terms of the Championship, the gap to Sebastian [Vettel] is quite big now so it will be very difficult to catch him, but we’ll keep pushing all the way.

2 thoughts on “Sunday in Korea – “we will keep pushing”

  1. Good points, but both Vettel and Alonso finished in front of him 😦 Kimi could have fought for podiums, but when Hamilton ran him off the track in the beginning that was the point where Kimi was set back for good and then a double up with Hamilton again during the race.

    He needs to qualify on first two rows, car seems to have decent race pace, wasting too much time/tyres behind slower cars.


  2. slower driver you mean..


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