Kimi’s column: Japan GP preview


The House of the Rising Sun

Well, we’ve been struggling a bit to get things going in our way in the last few races. This is one of the tightest championships I’ve ever been with and while you don’t get everything nicely together during the race weekend, you cannot expect the best results, either.

In Monza and in Singapore we’ve lost some ground to the leaders in the drivers’ championship. Obviously, my main goal is get closer to the top and bring good points to team, as well, but one thing is for sure ­ we won’t give it up and we will fight until the very end.

Usually coming to Japan has meant the the finish of the season being very close, but not anymore. We have still six more races to go.

For me Suzuka is one of the circuits I really enjoy, as being that type of racing circuit from the good old times. It’s a track, where you have to have a well balanced and solid car to go through all those different kind of corners. The 130R is always a challenge and there are many more alike.

Winning in Suzuka 2005 was one of my best ever races, but it didn’t matter that much, as the championship was lost a race earlier in Brazil. Hopefully we get it right again this time, while it really counts!

We should get some new parts there, hopefully the weather stays also good, while setting up the car the way I like it depends much on the weather and on the circumstances. We know the speed is there in our car. We just have to find the right set-up to maximise it every time.

We will give it our best shot to be on the podium, but the races are going to get more and more difficult with other teams constantly pushing with new development parts. Obviously, we have to make a step forward from Singapore, where we were nowhere to fight for top places.

As usual it’s impossible right now to predict how our car goes in the next race. We have to wait until Friday practise. Then we know more.

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