Friday in Singapore: “Not the easiest day”


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A tricky opening to the Singapore Grand Prix weekend for Lotus F1 Team, but with a history of significant improvements between practice and qualifying the Iceman is far from being out of the running yet…

Q: Kimi ; things didn’t seem to go quite as smoothly as you’d like today… give us your view

KR: It wasn’t the easiest day. We struggled for grip in both sessions which made things quite difficult. There’s not really one particular part of the track where it’s worse than the others and it’s the same situation on both types of tyre ; we just seem to be lacking downforce which creates a lack of overall grip.

Q: Do you think things will improve once the track rubbers in ?

KR: Yes but it’s the same for everybody ; when there’s more rubber on the track grip levels increase no matter what car you’re in. Of course, it will affect different cars in slightly different ways but not enough to make a big difference.

Q: Long run pace seemed to be far more encouraging than single lap speed…

KR: The car feels ok on fresh tyres and our pace in the race simulations looked pretty good but we seem to fade a bit as the stint goes on which in unusual for us. Two seconds to the front is a big gap to make up, but there’s definitely more speed to find from the car…

Q: What are your hopes for qualifying ?

KR: We’ve been around the middle of the field in both sessions today and we’ll be working hard to improve on that. We usually improve quite a lot on Saturdays so hopefully we can find something in the data tonight and be a lot happier with the car for the rest of the weekend.

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