Kimi’s column: Italy GP Review


Nowhere Man

No doubt, it was one of most difficult weekends for us during the whole season. We knew it before travelling to Monza and, obviously, it proved to be the case, while we started the FP1 on Friday morning.

Very simply we were lacking the speed, or – to be precise – picking up the speed fast enough compared to the other front-runners after coming from those few corners.

The low downforce levels demanded by the layout of the Monza circuit did not suit our car. We could not hang on with the leaders in the straigths and it was tricky even with the DRS on.

Obviously, it could have been a disaster, but at the end of the day, we left the Italian Grand Prix with a fifth place finish and, most of all, with ten more points in the championship table. After the qualifying we hoped for the sixth spot in the race at the best, and got one better, so it was not too bad at all.

Mainly our focus is to cut the point gap to the leader, who is Fernando Alonso. We managed to cut it by 15 points in Spa. This time we lost 5 points to him. It’s never good to lose more at this time of the season, but it’s still possible to catch him. So we shall try our very best, that’s 100% certain!

Actually we gained one place after Italian Grand Prix, but, for me, it’s the same, if we are second, third or wherever, as long as we are in this tightly packed group of the pursuers behind Alonso.

Obviously, we would need good points from the next few races. It will be very interesting to see, how it goes, while all the teams will have a completely different aerodynamics package for Singapore. I have never scored points at that circuit before, but it should suit our car quite well. So let’s wait and look forward to what we can achieve from that exotic night race.

2 thoughts on “Kimi’s column: Italy GP Review

  1. From all the pre-Singapore interviews, I find it interesting that Kimi is actually pumped up before this Grand Prix. It might be that he very confident that his result there are total opposite of what he feels he can deliver there.

    I don’t want to jinx anything, I hope we get an amazing race and Kimi will finish in front of Fernando 🙂


  2. Wow..this is leadership. Finnaly Kimi uses words to motivate his team.


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