Video: KRS 2012 Hungary GP Highlights

Hey guys! I hope you’ve all had a good break without F1, but let’s face it…we’re hopeless addicts! So I hope you enjoy my new video; highlights of Kimi’s 2012 Hungarian GP. He started 6th and finished 2nd, and showed the ‘old Kimi’ we’re more used to. I know it’s been quiet in the realm of KRS but it’s better late than never! We are so excited about the Belgian GP next weekend, where Kimi returns to his domain since last winning there in 2009, which was his fourth Spa victory in his career. Lotus and the Iceman are the favourites going into Spa…so DO NOT MISS IT – WATCH THIS SPACE! Keep flying!

Video Soundtracks:
Dinka – “Lotus” – Soundprank mix.
Orjan Nilsen – “Between the Rays” – original mix.

(All video and audio used in this presentation do not belong to me and are copyrighted to their respective owners. This presentation is intended for viewing pleasure only.)

6 thoughts on “Video: KRS 2012 Hungary GP Highlights

  1. Saima Saima you just made my day very positive. you don’t stop amaze us such a lovely video you have done.
    Please keep on making this lovely video.


  2. awesome!! a pleasure to watch!!
    thank you sweetie!! :))
    better to come fo sho!!! 😉


  3. Welcome guys 🙂 I know it’s nothing like the 2009 videos, those were the best lol.


  4. Thanks Saima ,as usual is a real pleasure to read and watch your work about Kimi


  5. simply awesome video


  6. nice i missed this a lot like before every race u made a nice vid.clip and some HD wall…thanks saima.


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