Raikkonen’s history at the Hungarian Grand Prix

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Hungary is the closest Finnish drivers get to a home Grand Prix according to the man himself – Kimi Raikkonen. We’ve seen hundreds of Finnish flags waving there for Kimi, as well as ex-F1 driver and double champion Mika Hakkinen. Here’s a quick look at the Iceman’s history at the circuit:

Finished just outside of the points with Sauber in 7th place.

Qualified 11th in the McLaren, finished 4th. We were given a taster of Kimi’s early combat skills when he tackled Montoya in the Williams:


Qualified 7th, took his first podium at Hungary in 2nd.

Qualified 11th, retired on lap 10 with electrical issue.

Qualified 4th. Race day was a different story – took the fastest lap and the win with the beautiful MP4/20.


Pole position with 1.19.599.

Did not finish the wet race, as Kimi crashed while trying to lap a confused Torro Rosso of Liuzzi’s:


Qualified 4th in the Ferrari. Set the fastest lap of the race. Finished on podium in 2nd.

Qualified 6th. Iceman took the fastest lap once again in the race and finished 3rd.

In his last Hungaroring outing, Kimi qualified 7th and finished the race on the podium in 2nd.

Statistics breakdown:

  • Pole positions: 1
  • Wins: 1
  • Fastest laps: 3
  • Podiums: 4
  • Points finishes: 1

21 thoughts on “Raikkonen’s history at the Hungarian Grand Prix

  1. that 2002 video was payback for what montoya did to kimi @ hockenheim earlier


    1. yea! he pushed Kimi off the track lol but that was a great battle, Kimi held his ground for like 1/3 of the circuit!


  2. Erm…is it just me or is the fact that Kimi didn’t touch his champagne on the podium a bit off character?! Oh….I get it, he just didn’t want to waste it by spraying it around loooool.


  3. Well I must say he’s got a good history in Hungary. And the way he did his race in Hockenheim. Even Martin Brundle was lyric about his race craft. But I haven’t heard anyone being lyric about their strategy. Many jaws were dropped when he was notified that the second stint he was on option tires.


  4. Lotus haven’t really progressed much this season, yet. They’re in the same position as they were in Bahrain. It’s their strategies which are costing a lot. McLaren have developed really well ahead and now it seems Lotus have to do a lot more than just improve performance and tyre strategies.

    Having said that, they are going to have new developments for Spa/Monza…


  5. Saima, if I remember well a McLaren team member died just before the GP that’s why Kimi didn’t spray the champagne.


    1. Oh yes of course… totally forgot about that 😦


  6. Yes, they need to improve on strategy. The year will be over before we know it – and so will the season. The only team to improve dramatically so far this year is Ferrari.

    But the main push should be on pole positions, or very close to pole. As we have seen all season, pole is the only guarantee for the win. Look at Alonso, Button, Rosberg, Webber. All won races from pole. I promise you now, Kimi won’t win if he does not take pole. He must push harder, because he has not really pushed this season, only maybe in China.

    Take pole, you will win – unless mechanical fault.


  7. I think I disagree, Leonardo. I don’t know if he pushed hard or not but getting the pole is not the only way to win a race this year. But I do agree that Lotus should improve their strategies.


  8. I don’t understand the logic of pushing hard or not in F1, every driver gives it his best with his maximum concentration, to say alonso is pushing harder than massa is pretty much stupid, why would massa simply not push hard, his career is at stake…? the only way you can surely win in F1, is to do your best in the car at the given situation….the car will need to suit the track/the driver input, fine tune as much as possible for every race, use the correct strategy, hope for your right weather conditions, throw a little luck to win… in other words do the best you can with what you have…. if someone else does better than you with what they have, they win… simple, it isn’t rocket science that the media makes it to be… the perfect example would be the 7 time world champion…. not challenging for championship is he? after 3 years coming back to F1?


    1. I am not saying Kimi is no good, don’t get me wrong. I am a huge fan, like you guys here. The problem is the season, and that the cars are so closely matched – which is why Kimi needs to push extra hard. Alonso is pushing hard in an average car, and its paying off. Ferrari are winning now.

      Lotus needs to do the same


    2. Chill out, Ram. I was just stating my opinion.


  9. Check this out?


    1. Lotus has let down kimi.. Their strategies have been faulty. I doubt they are giving their 100% behind kimi ? Kimi as a racer is on par with alonso & lewis, if not better. Qualifying is hurting kimi badly. Lotus need to put in their 100% behind kimi. I win he wins the coming week in hungary.


      1. yes, very true. Qualifying is hurting Kimi badly, and he knows it.

        Its time for a complete rethink on strategies otherwise Kimi wont win one GP this year


    1. Dont be so sure. He wont win at all this year unless he qualifies better, and that means better strategy by the team.

      Qualifying in 10th is just not good enough


  10. Stated my opinion as well Leo… and my post was about facts of a f1 driver in a car and not about kimi


  11. If Kimi can win at Spa in that dog of a ‘car’ called the F60 then he can this year 🙂 but yes…let’s wait and see lol


  12. We need better strategy (and a prayer 🙂


  13. Kimi could win at Spa if he gets a great start. But on his last two races he ran wide at turn 1, and would probably get a penalty like Vettel in the last race for something similar. So I agree that in order to win, he needs to start from the first or second row.


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