Hungary: interview with Kimi’s engineer Mark Slade

Source: | Translation courtesy of Nicole

Kimi Räikkönen has, together with Fernando Alonso and Nico Rosberg, driven every race lap in all 11 races so far. In Hungary he achieved the third 2nd podium. Räikkönen had to prove to all tv-viewers how impossible it is to overtake a fast car in Hungaroring.

“In order to overtake on this track we would need in addition to the DRS-wing a car that would have been at least one second faster than the one driving ahead. Now we didn’t have that car,” Räikkönen’s race engineer Mark Slade told Turun Sanomat.

Then where did Räikkönen lose the victory then – in qualification or in the unsuccessful start with his half-powered KERS?

“Absolutely in the qualification. In order to win Kimi would have had to get at least to P2 or P3. From there he could have gone straight after Hamilton,” Slade said.

Then which of these three 2nd podiums have been closest to victory?

“We got closest in Bahrain. Now the car wasn’t as fast as it was there,” Slade evaluated.

The second half of the season looks good.

“We get to go to Belgium in a good stitch, where Kimi has won 4 out of his last 5 races. Lately we have learned a lot about the car and are in better positions in qualifications also,” Slade got excited.

Kimi was asked after the race if he feels he is driving for this year’s WDC.

“That’s how I have thought during the whole season – more or less,” he said. “Now we are again closer to the top, although we dropped down one position. As long as we get ourselves in good grids where we can race for trophies, we probably get more higher in points also during the second half of the season.”

“The car is going in the right direction. We just have to take everything out of it, then hopefully the victories also start coming,” Räikkönen said.

7 thoughts on “Hungary: interview with Kimi’s engineer Mark Slade

  1. Just do what you do best, Kimi. Been supporting you from the outset, so make me proud, bro! Spa is your strong-house, make Hamilton pay!! :-)))


  2. He’ll make everyone pay at Spa hehehehe.


    1. Can’t wait!! I’m Lenny Govender, from South Africa by the way. Glad to meet fellow fans of Kimi. I’m on FB as Lenny Govender (my pro pic looks like Indiana Jones.) LOL!!


    2. he will…The king of SPA….


  3. I really respect Kimi’s racing engineers.I like this interview.Race engineers are very important for fast and healthy car, also for strategies.


  4. Here’s more info about the Hungary GP weekend from Kimi’s other engineer Simon Rennie:


  5. i wanna know who is talking to kimi in the team radio? is it mark slade or simon rennie???
    because he sounds like the one who was alonso’s engineer in 2008 and 2009 at renault


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