Kimi’s Column: British GP Review | Video


Sunny Afternoon

Going to Silverstone all the weather forecasts predicted a wet weekend for the Grand Prix. We preferred the race in dry conditions, and, obviously, our wish came true on Sunday afternoon.

The circuit was a bit different compared to 2009, while I had previously been there with a F1 car. We started in the rain, we qualified in the rain, but then we had a race with slicks. That was a nice change, and it could have been even better for us, if the first lap had have gone our way, too.

The car was very fast with the hard compound. It was nice to set the fastest lap of the race to prove the speed.

I got a pretty good start, and there was a chance to overtake Vettel. I pushed to get through, but then I had to go over the kerb, and while trying to avoid putting the front wing on it, I lost some places.

So instead of gaining some places, I lost some, and that really didn’t help.

The car was good through the whole weekend. Obviously, it gives a good feeling, while the car is fast and strong. We look like we’re getting ourselves in the zone, where we can get the full speed out of the car, and that’s encouraging for the second part of this season.

The race could have been better, but while we were stuck behind some slower cars, we lost too much time. It’s still tricky to get past some cars. I tried, but you really have to work hard to find enough pace and space to overtake people.

Like in almost every race this year, we had the pace to fight for the first place. Obviously, winning is the most difficult job to do in racing. You have to have every single detail right during the race weekend, and while it’s so tightly packed competition at the top, you really cannot miss anything.

The qualifying was a bit like a lottery, while it was so wet. We made a small error picking up the full wet tyres for Q3, so we lost some important laps with intermediates in the end of the session. Still P6 was ok for the race in those conditions.

The race was same like in Valencia, while we lost the places we gained after getting off the line. The car felt very good all the time, but we had the best speed of them all in the end of the race, but it was a shame, there were no more laps to use that pace maximally to improve our position.

All in all, it was fifth place for me and 18 points altogether to the team, so it was a positive finish for the tricky weekend. We are in a good position in the constructor’s championship – and the car keeps getting better. Hopefully we will find a way to get a perfect weekend, too!’s British GP race video edit:

Kimi’s team radio at 1.15mins

Pitwall: We need to keep pushing this stint
Kimi: I am doing my best.



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