Post-race interview: I’m sure we can make that last step


P3 for Kimi in Barcelona this afternoon makes it two podium finishes in a row for the 2007 World Champion, moving him up into P4 in the Driver’s Championship. Despite another strong result however, the Finn was left wanting more…

Q: Kimi, P3 for you today and with a few more laps it could have been even better; how are you feeling after the race?

To be honest, I’m a bit disappointed. I expected us to be a bit stronger in the race, especially at the beginning. We weren’t fast enough in the first stints and that’s why we couldn’t fight for the win. We showed at the end that we have the speed but it was too late. Maybe we made the wrong choice in the first pit stop, but like I said we weren’t quick enough at the start and that cost us the race. I probably wouldn’t have been disappointed with P3 at the beginning of the race because I couldn’t follow the guys in front, but having caught them up by almost twenty seconds towards the end we come away feeling a bit disappointed as we just needed a few more laps to possibly even fight for first place. Anyway, that’s racing and at least I scored some good points for the team and we’re going in the right direction.

Q: Tell us about the start; it seemed that pretty much set the tone for your race…

I had a pretty good start, nothing to complain about. I thought I had a chance to overtake the top two around the outside, but I didn’t have enough speed in a straight line – I actually hit the limiter I think in fifth gear which stopped my acceleration a bit – and because of that I couldn’t quite hang on and hound them. I was pulling away from the guys behind me but I couldn’t stay in touch with the leaders. The first stint was pretty well, but for the second I chose the soft tyre and on that compound I didn’t have the speed to keep up with the guys in front. I’m a bit disappointed, but we fought hard and when we changed to the hard tyres the car was really, really good but by that time we were just too far away. Maybe with about five or ten more laps I think we could have been fighting for the win.

Q: Were you surprised at the pace of Pastor (Maldonado) and the Williams today?

Williams have been quick at different stages in most of the last few races, and as I’ve said before, it’s very difficult to say who has the quickest package overall at the moment. At one race a team can be right up there, and then suddenly they are tenth in the next race, so it’s bit of an odd situation this year. It’s good for the sport, as it gives a lot of teams the chance; anyone who has good speed and when can get the tyres working for them have a chance to win. The tyres seem to be the key thing; if you can get them working well you will be fast.

Q: Two podiums in a row for you now; do you feel a win is around the corner?

Twice now we’ve come close and I’m sure we can make that last step. Unfortunately you’re not always going to be able to challenge for the win, and if you get the chance you have to take it because it’s not every race that you will have the opportunity to go for it. Hopefully we can keep doing what we’re doing now and eventually I’m sure things will go exactly right and we’ll be up there. So far we’ve made good progress and the car has been strong everywhere. The next race is a bit different – Monaco – and it’s hard to say how we’ll go there. The team has done a good job, but we still have work to do and things to improve. So far the season is going well; obviously we’re not 100% happy because we’re not winning just yet, but that’s normal and I’m pleased the team want to push even further.

6 thoughts on “Post-race interview: I’m sure we can make that last step

  1. Hey Saima,
    What is the plaque that Kimi unveiled in his honour ? I haven’t read anything about this significant occasion anywhere…. Thanks!


  2. Yea thats what i was wondering???
    Must be something special…..out of all the drivers…only Kimi was honoured…


  3. There’s a wall of champions at the Barcelona circuit. Kimi’s a two-time winner at the circuit and a world champion so there doesn’t need to be much more reason why he received this 🙂


  4. Courtesy of Nicole for translation:….starien+kujalle

    Räikkönen gets a badge of honor in Barcelona on Champions’ alley

    F1 | Turun Sanomat 9.5.2012 23:55

    Kimi Räikkönen gets as the second Finnish driver his own badge of honor on the Champions’ alley on Spain’s GP-track. Räikkönen has won Spain’s GP twice in years 2005 and 2008.

    The badge of honor with Finnish aphorisms will be revealed on Saturday.

    Like Räikkönen, Mika Häkkinen has already earlier redeemed his own place of honor from the Champions’ alley after winning Spain’s GP three times in a row in 1998-2000 and even led the fourth GP to the last lap.

    Räikkönen followed the WC icehockey-game Finland-Switzerland on Tuesday in Helsinki.

    On Wednesday he flew to his own F1-busies and will be one of the strongest winner candidates when Lotus oozes competitiveness on a track like Barcelona, which is aerodynamically demanding.

    Turun Sanomat, Barcelona


    1. Thanks for that, Evenstar. I guessed as much.
      Just read Eric Boullier’s interview on F1 website….hhhmmm…. I still have my reservations about his “leadership”!


  5. I read some of it too, I’m a bit annoyed with him lol


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