Post-qualifying interview with Kimi


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Lining up in fifth on the grid for the Spanish Grand Prix, Kimi Räikkönen looks ahead to contesting his tenth Formula 1 race in Barcelona. Can he go one step better than in Bahrain?

Q: Kimi, how was qualifying today?

KR: For the team the qualifying result is probably the best of the season so far but we had a chance to do better; I made a mistake in turn nine so we lost a few tenths there. I think we had a chance to be in the top three but we’ve been fighting with the set-up quite a bit today. We change the car for qualifying and actually it was the correct call in the end; it was just a few small mistakes which cost us some time on my Q3 lap.

Q:  What do you think are your prospects for the race?

KR: We’ll see how it goes. The car has usually been better on Sunday than it has been on Saturday, so if that’s the case tomorrow we’ll be pretty happy. Hopefully we get a reasonable start and we can be up the right end and go for it. I think we’ve got a good car and that’s the main thing.

Q: What are your thoughts on the tyre performance for the race?

KR: On Friday’s long runs we looked okay in terms of tyre degradation, but the race is going to be different again as everyone has a better idea of their cars and the track has changed since Friday. Usually our car is better in the race than in qualifying.

Q: Are you happy with the car setup now?

KR: We struggled a little bit with the setup all weekend but for qualifying we changed the car and we went back to the baseline where it was okay. In qualifying it was good, especially in the last corner and without my mistake we could have been in the top three. I think it should be a bit better in the race.

Q: Do you have any concerns about the weather?

KR: I’m happy to race in the dry and I’m happy to race in the wet. Our car is good in the hot conditions and I don’t think it’s going to be freezing cold tomorrow. As long as it’s a reasonable temperature we should go fine.

1 thought on “Post-qualifying interview with Kimi

  1. Blaine Mattison May 13, 2012 — 5:52 am

    Thank you for coming back, I’ve watched for some years, yea, watched you, saw you in Shanghai for the 1st one, hope to see you in Austin, just keep do what you do & bein you.
    Blaine ..


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