Raikkonen efficient in car feedback

Source: mtv3.fi | Translation courtesy of reppo

Race engineer Mark Slade praises Kimi Räikkönen’s skills in improvement of the car’s settings. Slade has worked as race engineer for Raikkonen in McLaren and Lotus.

“Kimi’s feedback is excellent. He is one of the most punctual drivers with whom I have ever worked with. He makes my job very easy. He tells you what is wrong with the car and I will offer a solutions to fix it. We will together decide which is the approach we choose, and then implement it,” Slade said on MTV3’s live TV broadcast from Shanghai paddock.

Taciturnity is a distinct advantage when improvements must be found in the car.

“With Kimi we get the car to the best setup faster than with some of the other drivers, who speaks perhaps more, but are not able to analyze at the same precision, what in the car is right or wrong,” Slade says.

4 thoughts on “Raikkonen efficient in car feedback

  1. If I am right, Kimi graduated some kind of machine engineering high school.He really stacks with all these parts like engines, springs, fuel… he simply understands that.He could be auto-mechanic very easily.Other drivers think they just have to turn the wheel and push pedals.Yes, it is like that, but you have major advantage if you know how your car works.Kimi knows indeed.


    1. This is true, Kimi himself said he enjoyed the practical aspect of mechanics very much.


  2. Did that comment from Slade actually hint on Alonso talking too much without actual feedback? 🙂 Remember somebody from McLaren told Alonso have given more feedback in 1 day than Kimi in all the years..


    1. Hahaha I remember that JB, which is absolutely fine because we know when Kimi talks it’s better than a load of jibberish.


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