Hand operation for Kimi in Hungary

After revealing his ‘not-so-serious’ wrist injury on motoring programme Top Gear , Räikkönen is to undergo surgery after the Hungarian Grand Prix during the F1 season break.

Räikkönen hurt his wrist in last December while competing at the Swatch Snow Mobile Race in Saalbach-Hinterglemm. Although the Finn conceded that it was not a serious injury, sources close to him say that in the long run he would need an operation on his left hand.

His ex-teammate Felipe Massa has positive experiences about Hungarian doctors after his Hungaroring crash in 2009.

The Brazilian driver contacted his ex-doctor Dr. Lajos Zsiros, who recommended his AEK Hospital colleague for Räikkönen’s operation. Dr. Christian Turoczy who is specialist of rheumatology was also a military surgeon in Afghanistan.

The Finnish newspaper Turun Sanomat spoke to the Hungarian specialist and asked if he’ll take on Kimi’s operation:

“Sure. Such hand injury essentially doesn’t mean negative effects day to day, but in his situation the contiguous strain can cause mannulus vulpes later which can go hand in hand with strong pain,” says Turoczy.

“I’m pleased that they chose me. This, and my other foreign duty are great example that Hungarian medicine is acknowledged worldwide.”

This surgery means that the Lotus driver has to remain in Hungary after the race, but his return to racing at the Belgian Grand Prix is not in danger.

Source: April Fools.

6 thoughts on “Hand operation for Kimi in Hungary

  1. Wooooow, in Hungary :))) That’s nice 🙂


  2. april fool LOL


  3. I was worrying for Kimi when I was reading the news then only at the end I found out it is ‘April fool’….. phew…


  4. It’s an April Fool?? Phew! What a relief!
    But I seriously don’t like this kind of joke 😦


    1. Yes it was April Fools. Sorry if it upset anyone!


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