Kimi’s Column: Rally Bulgaria Preview

Source: | Finnish Translation courtesy of Nicole

To The Tarmac With Feeling break in June came and went. We chilled out a bit and did some work

It was a good break. Now it feels like starting a new season again.

At this point we go to tarmac. It doesn’t help that I have been
hammering tracks all my life. Driving rally on tarmac is a completely
different deal than driving on the track.

Somehow it just feels more familiar to me. There’s more grip even though
it changes all the time. I’ve been waiting for a tarmac rally and here
it is now.

It’s a fact but it’s also a fact that the lead goes fast whether it’s
gravel or tarmac.

After Portugal I drove one rally in Italy and tested for two days in

That Italian small rally served it’s purpose well. It was my first
tarmac rally with a WRC-car and I was pleased with the result. We found
the speed immediately, got some touch into the car and to the right
racing circumstances. It was important that we could practice notes and
making them on tarmac.

Then we also had a good test. Everything worked. I got a lot more
self-confidence and touch in the car. The feelings were best so far.

The grip is more even on tarmac but when you cut the corners with a
rally car the grip changes all the time. It’s the same on all surfaces.

Turkey was the first new place for everybody and we did well. It has
been my best rally so far. Bulgaria is also a new place for everybody
just like Turkey was. It probably helps us a little but let’s just keep
the goals the same.

First we have to get to the chequered flag and feel better that the car
is mine.

Let’s see after that what the result is.

It would be important to find a good rhythm right from the first stage.
The dudes in the lead already have the experience in the back of their
head so they will immediately go fast. The routine comes only after we
have had enough rally kilometers.

I can tell you that much that it’s fun. I have the feeling that I’m
learning more all the time. After Bulgaria the tests for Jyskälä starts.
And then we drive our home race. These are the highlights of the

At this time of year drivers are taken and brought into every place in
the rumour mills. The circus is the same in F1 as it is in WRC too. I
don’t stress about them at all. We make decisions when it’s time for it.
I guess I will be driving somewhere next year too….

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