Kimi’s Column: Rally Turkey Preview | Thursday Press Conference

Source: | Finnish translation courtesy of Nicole

Attentively To Turkey)

I have nice memories from races in Turkey. I won the first race in
Istanbul and in any case I always digged the track. But now it’s a
different car, different serie, different joint and completely different

This rally is new to everyone. I might get some marginal advantage
because of that as long as I’m real fast in learning.

We have a good rally from Jordan under our belt. The goals were
fulfilled and now we try to make the whole weekend a little more better
again. Hopefully we will quickly catch on so that we can start fighting
more even with the others.

I don’t have any other goal than to finish, finish, finish. If we get
through it on Sunday we can look how far it took us.

I have to be attentive all the time. They have promised wet road
conditions and if the route is really wet then it’s really slippery out
there. Then you have to drive even more attentively than before.

This is now the first time when we drive on both gravel and tarmac. The
tarmac-part is the last new element that we haven’t drove, not even
once. It’s interesting to see how this car goes on tarmac.

It was cool when we got the first points in Jordan. It was a bad spot,
as a race it was as difficult as difficult can be so at that spot the
four points felt really good. My self-confidence grew and we learned
more about how we get results only by an attentive drive and careful

Of course the hunger grows bigger and you expect more points but first
we have to see how tough challenges Istanbul sets for us. It’s the
pleasure I like about rally when it’s so different every time.

I’m sure that some local celebrities go fast at first. I just have to
control myself and wait until I find a good rhythm. I have to stay on
the road. From that it all goes forward again. The beginning of the
season has taught me that I just have to move along humbly.

But I can promise you that we will fight with all we’ve got and we want
to experience those good feelings again just like we did at the finish
line after the last race.

Thursday Press Conference, Rally Turkey


Kimi during shakedown in Istanbul.

Q: Kimi, we are now on round four of the Championship, how are
you enjoying your WRC experience so far?

KR: Yes. I mean,
for sure it has been very challenging, I knew that before, so it’s not a
big surprise. We will look for more points if we finish the races. I am
learning all the time. It’s getting a little bit easier.

Q: You said at the start of the year this would be your
biggest career challenge to date, is it proving to be?

KR: All
of the time it changes, the surface, the stages, everything is coming
at a similar level of difficulty. I have no idea for more or less
[difficulty on] any rallies; it’s not one thing which is more difficult
than others. I just have to drive.

Q: What about this

KR:  It’s a bit easier than the previous rally –
very fast and quite rough in places. I guess that’s rally. I hope we can
go well.

Q:  Was Jordan the toughest?
KR: Yes.
It was probably the most difficult thing so far, in that way this event
looks slightly more easy.

Q: How are your pace notes

KR: It’s the same story as driving: I have to
do every event with new notes, so I am learning all of the time. It gets
easier, but for sure, there is still lots to learn. This is one of the
most important parts of the weekend, it’s experience and more to learn.

Q: We
passed the F1 track on the way to shakedown this morning. Do you miss

KR: No. I don’t miss it. If I missed it I wouldn’t be
here, I’d be there. This is something I chose for myself and I’m
enjoying it.


Q:  Kimi, will you commit to the WRC for several
Fred Billet, Echappement,

KR: Like I said before, I haven’t made my kind
up for next year and I’m not in a hurry to decide. Like I said, so far, I
enjoy the challenge. It’s going to be difficult to learn everything,
but we are learning

Q: Kimi,
what do you think of the tactics?
Reiner Kuhn, Motorsport Aktuell, Germany
I don’t have to
worry about those things, hopefully at the end of the year maybe I will
have to worry about them! All the motor sport has those things, this is
part of the game. You can make the rules, but there are many ways to go
around the rules.

5 thoughts on “Kimi’s Column: Rally Turkey Preview | Thursday Press Conference

  1. Shakedown times:————–1. LOEB. Citroen C4 WRC. 2:30.82. SORDO. Citroen C4 WRC. 2:31.13. HIRVONEN. Ford Focus RS WRC 09. 2:31.74. H.SOLBERG. Ford Focus RS WRC 08. 2:32.2=5. P. SOLBERG. Citroen C4 WRC. 2:32.5=5. OGIER. Citroen C4 WRC. 2:32.5=7. RAIKKONEN. Citroen C4 WRC. 2:33.1=7. LATVALA. Ford Focus RS WRC 09. 2:33.19. VILLAGRA. Ford Focus RS WRC 08. 2:33.710. WILSON. Ford Focus RS WRC 08. 2:35.211. BLOCK. Ford Focus RS WRC 08. 2:38.5————–


  2. HeheheheeHave u seen the press conference video on the WRC website? Matthew Wilson finds Kimi hilarious. Heehee.Kimi looks so happy in WRC 😀


  3. @Saima, don’t know if you still want the English version of Kimi’s Turkey Preview? The Fan Club sent it out really late… Anyway…Fresh Turkey, old target I’ve got some nice memories from Turkey. We won the first ever Grand Prix at Istanbul Park and I always liked to race in that most charming circuit. But – it’s now a different car, different race category and so totally different ball game. Obviously, driving a Formula One successfully in Istanbul doesn’t help me on any way while driving a Red Bull Citroen WRC car in Istanbul this weekend. This is a brand new rally for everyone. Going to a place where nobody has raced before, could bring a marginal advantage for me as a rookie, but I think all the top drivers will learn it as quickly as ever. Anyway, that’s my target – to learn the roads quickly and then to finish the rally without major mistakes on Sunday. The previous rally in Jordan was all in all very much ok. We aimed at finishing the rally with precise driving and, obviously, we managed to do it, too. Now we approach the Turkish Rally exactly in the same way. Hopefully we manage to finish the rally again and hopefully we also manage to improve our performance. Like you all know, my priority is to finish every single rally I drive and so learn step by step with every mile we have with this car. You should not think of the results before finishing and that’s how we get along. The main thing is to drive as precise as possibile and keep the car on the road. According to the forecast, the weather could be rainy. That would mean the roads becoming even more slippery, so we should be even more precise with the driving. This is the first rally we have both on gravel and on tarmac. The stages on tarmac will be the last new element I have to learn. It’s going to be very interesting to see, how this car goes on that surface. Well, it felt good to clinch my first ever WRC points in Jordan. It was very difficult rally and getting four points from there gave a great feeling. Obviously, it did not do any harm to my self-confidence and we learnt again some more with the driving itself and especially with making the pace notes more and more carefully. Now we want to get more points, but first we have to see, how difficult is the new challenge this time. Let’s keep the good rhytm and the same humble attitude we have had all the time. All I can tell is, that I really enjoy this 100% and I’m looking forward to get back to car again. We got a great feeling after finishing the rally in Jordan and hopefully we will have that same feeling in Turkey, too.


  4. Thank you YiNing, much appreciated 🙂


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