Lindstrom: Rally Turkey will suit Kimi


Kimi Raikkonen’s co-driver, Kaj Lindstrom, believes the high-speed and
wide nature of the Rally of Turkey stages will suit the ex-Formula One
world champion.

Raikkonen is seeking his second-consecutive points finish on the
Istanbul event after landing his maiden top 10 finish on the Jordan
Rally earlier this month in his Citroen Junior Team Citroen C4 World
Rally Car.

Lindstrom, who is contesting his eighth rally alongside fellow Finn
Raikkonen, said: "I don’t really know what we can expect, but the
information I have suggests that the stages are quite fast and wide, and
I think this should suit Kimi well. The only concern that we have is
the risk of rain: it’s the same for everyone, but if it does rain then
the surfaces are sure to become extremely slippery, which will not be so

Raikkonen, who will partner rising star Sebastien Ogier in the Citroen
Junior Team, conceded he was facing another big challenge on the gravel
event, round four of the World Rally Championship. “I suppose it’s good
that I like challenges, because this is going to be another big one for
me," he said.

"I actually thought that Jordan was the most difficult rally we have
seen so far, but I don’t really have any idea what this one is going to
be like. In Jordan we were able to find a safe pace, which might not
have been the most exciting thing in the world, but at least it meant
that we finished the rally and were able to score points. In Turkey,
we’re just going to have to see what sort of feeling we have with the
stages and decide what is possible then. The priority is to finish,
particularly because it’s a completely new event and you have to get to
know the stages. But of course I’m a competitive person so I always want
to do the best that I can," he added.

Raikkonen has received advice from his countryman Anton Alen, the son of
former WRC legend Markku, ahead of Rally of Turkey. Alen came close to
winning the FIAT Rally, which used a similar route to Turkey’s new WRC
qualifier, back in 2007.

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