Kimi’s Column: Rally Mexico Preview


This is my first trip to Mexico, this is my first rally in this
continent and this is my first rally on gravel with this Red Bull
Citroen WRC car. Obviously, it’s several new things for me on the same

This is my seventh rally with my co-driver Kaj Lindstrom. Like always,
we came here with a very positive feeling. It’s going to be very
interesting to see, how the car works out there and how much grip there
is this time after two rallies on such a different surface.

When you look the sceneries behind the windshield, you see a barren
mountain range, slunted trees, dry and dust. The weather is very warm
and we are something like 2000 metres over sea level. Well, it’s going
to be a pretty sweaty rally. No doubt about it.

I’ve been seeing all the time, the importance of getting the pace notes
right. Now it’s going to be even more decisive. I noticed how much
effort you have to put in while making the notes. Now it feels a bit
easier, but, for sure, it’s never going to be the easiest job of the

We didn’t test after the Swedish Rally, but now we have done the pace
notes here in Leone area. My aim is exactly the same we had in Sweden –
to finish the rally without too much extra program on the road.

Every single mile means more experience for me and more feel for me.
While we do every stage twice, it helps a little bit. But here,
obviously, the roads will be wearing and the surface will be changing
all the time. So you never know how it is, while you attack on the

I’ve been racing only once before on gravel. It was the Finnish Rally
last year with my own car. Gravel is the surface that everybody
associates with rally. And for me it’s a complete contrast to anything
that I experienced in Formula 1 racing.

Sliding with a Formula 1 car meant you did something wrong. Here it’s
like it should be in a rally. We learned a lot in Sweden and this will
certainly help us in Mexico, but effectively we are starting all over
again from the beginning now, as this rally has nothing in common with

My approach is going to be exactly the same though: we want to build up
our speed at a comfortable pace and above all get to the finish.

I’m hoping that Mexico will be a little easier for us, but with gravel
being the most common surface on the World Rally Championship it’s
important for us to learn as much as possible.

We managed to get quicker the last time we were out and this will be the
aim for us again in Mexico.

18 thoughts on “Kimi’s Column: Rally Mexico Preview

  1. Courtesy of Nicole! > Kimi’s Mexican Rally Preview in Finnish————————————–IN A HAPPY MOODFirst time in Mexico, first rally on this continent and first time on gravel with this car. There’s a lot of new stuff for me at the same time.Kaitsu and I are travelling in a happy mood. It’s going to be interesting to see how the car works and what kind of traction the instrument has now that we drive on a completely different surface after snow.What I see through the windshield is a really rough mountain range scenery, stunted trees, dry and dust. At least the weather is warm. We are about 2000 meters high and the sweat is pushing through big time.What I have known all along is that the importance of notes will be highlighted more and more. I could see it in Sweden how you have to make the notes with your tongue in the middle of the mouth. It feels more easier every time but it isn’t exactly the easiest thing in the world.We couldn’t test after Sweden. But the notes have now been made at the spot. The target is the same as it was in the first rally – to finish without any extra program.Every race means more experience and more touch for me. When every stage is raced twice it helps a little but here the roads wear out and change all the time. You never know in what condition they are until you go there.I have had only one rally on gravel and that was in Jyväskylä with my own car. Gravel is the element that especially belongs to rally. It’s something that we never drove in F1. When a F1-car goes into a slide you have usually made some blunder but in rally it is something that belongs to rally.I learned to drive on snow in Tunturi and Sweden. Mexico is a completely different thing.Let’s hope that the gravel rally would be at least a little more easier because we mostly drive on that surface. In Sweden we could go faster and faster little by little. That’s our target in Mexico too so that we could find the rhythm and add some speed towards the end.The feeling is good and even better for sure when we cross the finish line on Sunday.————————————–Keep flying Kimi!!!!


  2. Hey come on guys, I know Kimi isn’t in F1 but you don’t have to disappear too! There were so many of you posting before 😦


  3. I am here !! I am here !! 😉 :Dthanks for posting Nicole translation and keeping us upadated !! nice stuff there ! "the sweat is pushing through big time" LOLok, so we understand why he’s let fallen the pull over during the day ! hihi ! hot time in the weather and in the car !! lolGoooo Kimi!


  4. I’m here, but that being said I am a WRC fan though 😀


  5. Lol. That’s better!The shakedown times:1. Petter, Citroën 2.51,72. Sordo, Citroën 2.51,83. Ogier, Citroën 2.51,94. Loeb, Citroën 2.52,5… Afficher davantage5. Räikkönen, Citroën 2.54,26. Hirvonen, Ford 2.55,37. Henning, Ford 2.56,28. Villagra, Ford 2.56,49. Wilson, Ford +2.59,910. Latvala, Ford +3.00,1 wooooo! 5th! not flipping bad!


  6. and block?only shakedown though 😛


  7. Dunno, still waiting for an official press release…Only shakedown my foot! lol can’t help but get excited, it’s gravel baby!


  8. if he ends day 1 in that place I’ll join the party :Deven if he does have a favourable road positionP.Solberg is tipped to be 30secs ahead by day 1, lets hope so, Sweden was a disaster 😦


  9. 5th is amazing even if it is only shakedown! Wowww. Kimi is the best 🙂 I hope he can finish in the top 10. He seemed to be very positive about this rally as well which is good and must be helping.Where do you get the all times from and stuff? I don’t know any good rally sites to go on 😦 lol.


  10. twitter is very good for regular updates


  11. Ken did do the shakedown, but haven’t heard anything about his time yet:, he had gearbox problems and probably couldn’t finish.


  12. Thank You!! 🙂


  13. I`m here too.. But was quite frustrated to see Comments off most of the times I come here.. :(Awesome timings from Kimi! B-)


  14. i’m here too always searching for new from Kimi. In Holland WRC is not so popular I think


  15. @Corinne: I can say that Rally is not at all popular here in Mumbai, India. 😉


  16. Oh sorry Amol and everyone else who have been trying to post; the comments are disabled because of the annoying spam trolls that keep hitting this site. I have no choice but to disable comments between 0.00am and 12.00pm GMT as that’s usually the time they spam.Good to see you still around 🙂


  17. I´ve always been here too Saima and all, even though I don`t post that often I`m a regular reader, keep the good work and let`s enjoy this rally weekend, very excited!! Go Kimi!!


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