Mateschitz: No plans to hire Kimi


Red Bull owner Dietrich Mateschitz has denied plans to hand Kimi
Raikkonen a seat in his team if the Finn decides to return to Formula 1.

Raikkonen is currently competing in the World Rally Championship
after securing a deal with the Citroen junior team, which is backed by
Red Bull.

The 2007 world champion admitted the move could be permanent and that
he is yet to decide on his plans for 2011.

But Mateschitz has made it clear that despite Raikkonen’s link with
Red Bull, there are no plans to hand the Finn a seat next year.

"This is nothing more than pure speculation," said Mateschitz. "We do
not know what Kimi intends to do in one year. We have a very good
relationship which makes room for speculations.

"But to tell you now Kimi will be racing for us in 2011 is not
serious. If Webber provides top performances this year we will not
reward him by giving his cockpit to Raikkonen."

Australian Mark Webber has a contract with Red Bull Racing until the
end of this year, while team-mate Sebastian Vettel has a contract until

No revolutions for Raikkonen in Mexico

Leon, the town where the Rally Mexico is based, produces 60% of
Mexico’s shoes. An interesting fact in itself, but few people realise
just how significant shoes have turned out to be in Mexican culture. The
Spanish word for ‘shoe’ is ‘zapato’: something that you will see above
the door of every other shop in Leon. And it is surely no co-incidence
that another one of Mexico’s most notable exports is the Zapata
moustache, favoured initially by revolutionaries and The Village People
but now enjoying a small but significant comeback amongst cutting-edge

Facial hair has not yet been adopted by the majority of World Rally
Championship crews, probably because it is intrinsically un-aerodynamic.
Although Finland is one of the last bastions of the moustache –
four-time World Rally Champion Juha Kankkunen had one as his trade-mark –
Kimi Raikkonen has no plans to grow one in the near future.

Instead, he is concentrating his efforts on Rally Mexico: the second
event of his World Rally Championship season with Red Bull. Thanks its
dusty gravel stages, spicy enchiladas, and non-stop Mariachi bands,
Mexico could not present a bigger contrast to the opening round in
Sweden. But had it not been for a costly excursion into a snowbank on
the opening day there, Kimi would have finished comfortably inside the
top eight.

"Gravel is the surface that everybody associates with rallying, and
of course it is a complete contrast to anything that I experienced in
Formula 1," said the Red Bull driver. "If you are sliding a Formula 1
car, something is going wrong, but in rallying this is something that
you do every day. We learned a lot in Sweden and this will certainly
help us in Mexico, but effectively we are starting all over again from
the beginning now. My approach is going to be exactly the same though:
we want to build up our speed at a comfortable pace and above all get to
the finish. We managed to get quicker and quicker the last time we were
out and this will be the aim for us again in Mexico."

As is the case on all the rallies apart from Finland this year,
Mexico will be a completely new experience for Kimi. However, co-driver
Kaj Lindstrom has competed on the Rally Mexico twice already and he
hopes to use this experience to help Kimi to make progress.

"Actually, I retired from the rally on both of those previous
occasions so I’ve got a point to prove as well!" he said. "But I have a
good idea of what we can expect from the Mexican stages. I was really
impressed by how much Kimi managed to learn in Sweden, and if we can
have the same sort of pace on gravel then I will be very happy. I know
how much Kimi is looking forward to this rally and I’m sure he’s going
to enjoy every kilometre of it: particularly as the road sections are
very short so the action is more or less non-stop!"

6 thoughts on “Mateschitz: No plans to hire Kimi

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  2. Absolutely lol that’s our Kimi ^^Good luck in Mexico!


  3. Kimi’s PR manager says his back pain is fixed and he is fit for Mexico, yay!


  4. From————————————Ogier/Julien Ingrassia and Kimi Raikkonen/Kaj Lindstrom will drive the team’s two Citroen C4 WRCs.Having appeared on the World Rally Championship for the first time in 2004, the Léon-based event features the most concentrated rally route on the calendar this year. In fact, a full 354,60 kilometres out of a total route lenght of only 884,58 kilometres are run competitively. Another peculiarity of Rally Mexico is that competitors will be driving at an altitude of almost 2800 metres at one point on the opening day (Ortega, SS2 and SS6). Citroen comes into the event fresh from three consecutive victories in Mexico, between 2006 and 2008. Nonetheless, the Rally Mexico will be an all-new experience for the Citroen Junior Team, which goes there for the first time.Kimi Raikkonen and Kaj Lindstrom will continue their learning curve on the gravel of Mexico. Following their first rally on the snowy tracks of Sweden in February, the Finnish crew now faces a new challenge on a very different surface.“What I love about rallying is that you have to be competitive on all sorts of different surfaces,” said Kimi. “After my experience on snow, now I’m going to find out about driving on gravel. I really don’t know what to expect, but that is all part of our learning process. I’m very much looking to driving the Citroen C4 WRC in these challenging conditions and getting as many kilometres under my belt as I can, in order to add to my experience”.


  5. Wow there is a live link for Rally Mexico!!! Yeah!


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