Rami Joining Arctic Lapland Rally For Fun

From MTV3.fi | Translation courtesy of Nicole | Edited by KRS

Kimi’s big brother Rami Räikkönen has more
rally-background than his little brother Kimi. In 2001 Rami finished third
in the N-group in Finland’s rally. He later achieved national silver in 2003.

Rami will take part in the Arctic Rally with Kimi’s old car Super 2000 Fiat Grande Punto.

"I haven’t rallied other than in some village races. It’s an
interesting project. I went to test the car for one day in Finland
and it is a racing car compared to the other cars I have had."

Rami is going to enjoy the rally without setting any goals.

"I should try to get to the finish line. I haven’t driven pace-note races for a while but I’m going there for my own pleasure to enjoy.
The others can put goals."

Rami might also take part in other rallies this year.

"Let’s see what’s left of the car after Arctic Rally. I haven’t registered to the national serie."

The Räikkönen brothers haven’t at least yet given any rally-tips to each others.

"We have talked about it a few times with Kimi. I think Kimi is waiting eagerly for the rally."

Rami has two sons, Tiitus and Justus, and it’s possible that we will see more Räikkönens in the top of motorsport.

"The boys are four and five this year. The older one has already
drove in karting for a couple of summers. They don’t talk about
anything else than cars and engines. The boys will also go to the north
with us and they are asking all the time ‘When are we going to Lapland?’," Rami smiles.

4 thoughts on “Rami Joining Arctic Lapland Rally For Fun

  1. awww so cute little boys !! they are not Räikkönens for nothing ! 😉


  2. Pippa and Chiara January 22, 2010 — 1:26 pm

    AAAAWWWW, they’re so adorable! They look just like Little Kimis! So cute! They must love their Uncle Kimi a lot. 😀 How does one say ‘Uncle Kimi’ in Finnish, anyway? 🙂


  3. Hi Pippa and Chiara, you say uncle Kimi "KIMI-SETÄ" in Finnish. The little guys are really adorable! Maybe they will also be F1 or rally drivers, when they grow up!:))


  4. Pippa and Chiara January 23, 2010 — 4:04 pm

    Leila- Thanks very much! 🙂 Another word to add to the few words of Finnish we’ve learned from following Kimi. 🙂


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