Recent Gossip & Kimi at Citroen HQ in Versailles

FIA chairman Jean Todt more thrilled about Kimi than Schumi

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FIA’s new chairman, and previously Ferrari team boss, Jean Todt thinks Kimi Räikkönen’s transfer to WRC rally is the years most remarkable motorsport-news.

Todt thinks that even seven-time world champion Michael Schumacher’s
comeback to F1 doesn’t compete with Räikkönen’s transfer to rally.

"For me F1-champion Kimi Räikkönen’s arrival to WRC rally is more
revolutionary than Michael’s comeback! It is a really bold move from
him. How competitive is he compared to special men like Sebastien Loeb,
Mikko Hirvonen and Dani Sordo? It will be interesting," Todt said in
Luxemburg’s Quotidien magazine interview.

Todt has worked as Schumacher’s team manager in Ferrari and wasn’t particularly surprised by the old champion’s Mercedes contract.

"Having fun by driving motor cycles didn’t seem to be enough for
him, especially when a big team was asking for him. I hope of course
that he reaches to top results," Todt said.

Sutil: I’m proud of my battles with Räikkönen


Force India’s German driver Adrian Sutil thinks it is coincidence that
he has crashed with Kimi Räikkönen in the best races of his F1 career.

The year before the last in Monaco, Sutil was going towards a 4th
place, until Räikkönen crashed into back of his car. Last year in
German GP Sutil was one of the race’s top drivers first driving to 7th
grid position and then climbing as high as second place, but the race
was ruined – once again – with a confrontation with Räikkönen.

"We hit each other couple of times, probably because of coindidence," Sutil said to Indian PTI news agency.

"Coincidence or not, driving against him was always great. He’s a
tough fighter and our sport needs drivers like that. I needed that kind
of competitor because I wanted to test myself against the toughest. I’m
proud of our duels, but of course they could have turned out better for
us," Sutil continued.

Räikkönen hasn’t met his boss yet


Kimi Räikkönen, who drives in Citroën’s Junior Team in WRC rally, will start to prepare for next season’s challenges shortly in Versailles, France.

The F1 champion’s transfer to rally is the best possible PR stunt for the
WRC series and Citroën. This is admitted also by Citroën’s rally boss
Olivier Quesnel.

"Everybody is saying that I did the deal of the century. I am
thrilled about Kimi’s arrival, but to tell you the truth I have never
even met him before. It will happen next week," Quesnel said in French
Endurance’s website interview.

Also Quesnel said once again that he doesn’t have plans to drive Räikkönen in Le Mans 24 hour race with Sebastien Loeb.

A fan’s delight of seeing Kimi in their local Versailles
Kimi is finally getting ready for the WRC this week, with his visit to the Citroen HQ in Versailles, France. He arrived yesterday to get some things prepared for his debut WRC season. It’s always a joy to read a fan’s experience of trying to see or meeting Kimi. It happened to me last year in London at the Ferrari Store opening, it happened to a fan at the Tag Heuer Shop during the Hungarian F1 weekend, and now it might just happen for a French fan called Marilyne, who’d stop at nothing almost! This is her story from yesterday, as posted in the forum.

Posted by Marilyne

He’s here people, he’s here!

Well, I had a great and funny moment, I have not seen him, but rather perceived him! So we went to the Citroen factory near 4.30pm, my boyfriend drove me there.

The factory is located on a road without exit but there was no area to
stay near. You saw all the barrier in the pics I took earlier, so I
went to ask the guard if Kimi was there!

A yound chubby man opened the glass door when I was in front and I was like "hello… huh ..well …huh…" I told him I was a Kimi fan and I asked directly: "is Kimi really here
today, can we come in or else?" He answered me with an amused and
malicious air: "hmmmmmm, yes he is here. But I can’t let you come in". He was funny really! Then I asked if there would be some public event
or something and he answered me that he didn’t know. So I thanked and left. Just to know he was there not that far away I was all happy!

Then I got back in the car and we left a bit away on a car park
alongside that only road and we waited. The night was falling. We
scrutinized inside of the cars which were passing in front of us, like
"could he be in this one?" hihi.

Then we saw a white van passing in front of us with some people inside
but the windows were dark. My boyfriend was telling me he thinks it can be a
car like that with Kimi, and tells me: "do you want us to follow them?" and after
more than a hour waiting we decided to go!

It took us some minutes to go and so we lost the van but finally
arriving in the center of Versailles, we saw it again! That was so
funny really, my man amazed me, reacting and following them, putting
us next to them even at the light stop!

We couldn’t see well in it but sure a man with a white cap, one with a
black hat, and there were maybe 4 or 5 others in the car with the driver.
And then suddenly before the big avenue in front of the castle,
they cut the line left to enter a frontage, we were at the
intersection already so my boyfriend turned left to turn back but there were
many cars and so it took us a bit to come in the frontage behind the
van, in front of a luxury hotel!

When we waited at the intersection, I saw three men getting out of the
car, they waited for their luggages (which were many!) and they came in.

We stopped in front of the hotel and hardly saw inside but finally I
saw passing behind a window under the light a black hat, a nose and
some curls which looked familiar to me! Kimi! He was a bit far away but it was him for sure!

So now I know where he sleeps! I hope he will stay a bit but I will try to go to his hotel at my lunch time tomorrow. That was a funny experience!

Note – This picture is from last year before Rally Finland, not yesterday, haha.

8 thoughts on “Recent Gossip & Kimi at Citroen HQ in Versailles

  1. Wow Marilyne, hats off to what you did hahaha…


  2. so deep emotions!great moments near to Kimi!eh eh eh, I can feel it all as you, I’m still remembering my personal meeting with in 2007 🙂 aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhand last year during rally marca….brrrrrrr


  3. Hi Evenstar,Thank you for the wonderful kimi fan site. I have been following this for quite some time.I have one request,Now that Kimi has moved on from F1 to WRC, as a kimi fan, I would like to still keep following him. But I do not know much about WRC or the rules of it like F1. It would be great if you can maybe post some info on this so we can appreciate how Kimi performs this season. It would also help if you just post some useful links where we can get such info to know more about how WRC is different from F1.Thanks again for this site.Keep Flying Kimi!! 🙂


  4. Hello Sandeep! Thanks a lot, I will do my best to keep everything updated and naturally more info will be posted when the season actually begins. Meanwhile, we have plenty of info and discussion about the WRC and it’s rules and nature, as well as videos and pics, in our forum: – so register there and join us! 🙂


  5. Also, check out these lists which may be helpful to follow WRC:!A01A464BBC0E816C!721/ – Rally websites!A01A464BBC0E816C!2712/ – Kimi’s Rally History!A01A464BBC0E816C!8408/ – WRC 2010 Calendar


  6. Sebastien, what is your view on the arrival of Kimi Räikkönen in the WRC?It will be interesting. It is a new discipline for him so it may be quite difficult at the beginning. It has many things to learn, but given his level, I think he should succeed to adapt sufficiently quickly. I do not think it will be more effective on asphalt because it comes from Formula 1, especially as many Finns are good on earth. In any case, it is a pleasure to welcome him. dodgy google translationalso check out good rally site, updated regularly


  7. Thanks a lot, Evenstar!!


  8. LOL Yuss ! that was nothing really !! but funny all the same! and he left his hotel quickly the next day .


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