Kimi’s Column: Abu Dhabi GP Review (Finnish)

From | Finnish Translation Courtesy of Wolfie

Ciao Ferrari!

Three years with Ferrari came and went. It was a fabulous time.

My dream came true the first time when we won the championship. We
started well at the second time and were third in the final points.
About this time there is a little in my toothole because we would have
wanted to race for the championship but weren’t able to do so at any
point. At least there were a few races that made me happy.

I will have only good memories of the team and got some friends forever from there. Thank you to all of them. Ciao Ferrari!

The season and my job-time with the team ended in Abu Dhabi. It
wasn’t much of a race. We didn’t get anywhere on the technical track
with our car. And as a track it didn’t really fire me up at all. These
modern tracks don’t seem to be my thing. I dig a lot the old lanes.
There’s a good thing going on on those tracks. These new just don’t
offer the same feeling to really really race.

We already knew when going there that Yas Marina is going to be as
tricky to us as Singapore was. The more curves, the more our car loses
time. We were almost in Q3 in quali. 11th position was a good result.
We lost one place in the start and stayed there too.

The gang probably asks what we do next year. I think we can at some
point tell what we have decided. I can say that much that the
motivation hasn’t gone anywhere. Racing interests me as much as it did
when I was a kid. Racing is everything!

But now I’m going to keep a short vacation. The season was hard and
we knew it already before we started to race when we were so much
behind the lead. Fortunately we at least won in Spa. That is the
highlight of this season and the only thing that stays in my mind.

F1 is going through a tough change. The regulations will change
again. Let’s hope that in the future they will be the same for everyone
and in a way so that they can’t be understood as you want to.

I’m preparing for the next season like before. First I take in some
oxygen and then I’ll keep the touch alive. Let’s wait and see where we
drive. Thank you to all the fans and mates who have supported me. The fight
goes on!

17 thoughts on “Kimi’s Column: Abu Dhabi GP Review (Finnish)

  1. I can smill MACLAREN I hop so :))


  2. Yes the fight goes on and lie always we’ll be just behind u as a gearbox in the formula 1 car…….Go Kimi….one thing i can say for sure…..if Mclaren is the place………..Kimi Raikkonen, the 2010 World Champion!!!!!


  3. how can they tell that this guy has no emotion. this review full of ımotıons just for the ones who deserved it. ofcourse ıf you want to see it. ı believe he will be in f1 next year with full of motivation. ı really proud of this driver.


  4. awwww kimi you are UNIQUE!


  5. Yeesss!!!! He stays!!! Keep flying and now KEEP FIGHTING!!! GO KIMI!!!


  6. Go, Kimi!! We know you haven’t lost your touch, your motivation! And hopefully you will be driving in of those silver cars, eh? 😉 And as for us Kimi fans, we will always remember Spa, the best race of the year! :):):)


  7. "the fight goes on! " quote Kimi :-))))))))))))so, what we are saying instead of all "gang" of newspapers:Kimi needs to fight and needs to race! it’s alla his life!keep flying!!!!!!!!


  8. @meri quote!how can the "gang" and "tifosi" say that Kimi has non emotions and no motivations???????


  9. It’s now clear that the official reason the scuderia gave to explain the end of Kimi in Ferrari is a deceiving one. It would have been much more honest and repectfull to all of us to say the true. Kimi is one of a kind and a real gentleman in and out of the track. He deserves a car that levels with his skills. So good luck. I really wish you the best.


  10. Oh, Kimi really drive me crazy. I’m checking the internet day & night just hope to see some good news from him. Day after day, his future is still unclear. Poor his fans 😦


  11. Same here mate……i do the same everyday…….but maybe mclaren are just not announcing it as the season is over the the only thrill they can keep amongst the fans is this……just like how we are inpatient to hear the good news they are just doing to keep the fans still busy with f1…….after all it will be a very special news and any day bigger and important than Alonso-Ferrari news…….


  12. oh, I’m not the only one I see! the everyday-Kimi-news-searching is a reality for many of us! that’s why I look expecially there because we are so many and from different parts of world, so it’s easy to catch new…I hope good ones but Kimi in his interviews is firmly convinced I can see and it makes me feel more quite…but not so much…as Kimi says "we’ll see"…..


  13. Thanks for you Kimi. waits for news!


  14. Keep flying Kimi


  15. Hey Saima thanks for posting this and the Italian interview, which I liked very much! I remember reading from some other interview as well that he gets nervous just before races, but you couldn’t tell just by looking at him. He’s always so calm and collected – it’s nice to see the human side of the Finnish superhero though! 😉 Bring on 2010… Sundays are starting to feel a bit empty already.Btw, if anyone here gets ESPN Star Sports, they’re televising classic races from tomorrow onwards. Think they’re doing some 80s races first, and hopefully soon, we’ll get up to the 2000s and Kimi.


  16. Nós no Brasi estamos torcendo para o kimi continuar na F1,se isso não for possível que ele var para o Rally ,porque sempre vamos estár com ele.Fico feliz em saber que ele fez amizade na ferrari .go kimi!!


  17. Hi guys! I really can’t wait any longer…. Please, Kimi tell us some good news, pleaseeeeeeeee


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