F1 GP Highlights: Spain 2009

It wasn’t what we were expecting but in Spain we found ourselves still baffled at the situation in the Ferrari camp. I don’t know what else to say about it now so I hope my video does all the talking.
Kimi did put in a great show on Sunday, no matter what some stupid idiots say. He proved that he didn’t give up after what happened in qualifying (or what didn’t happen rather) and he never will give up. So neither should we, as his fans. Just listen to what the man has said, below the video! We can hear him alright but it seems the media do not want to and rather continue making up their bullshit stories. I was a little bit confused with the soundtrack for this video, as I couldn’t decide between my mixed feelings so I used two contrasting songs. Something a little different for a change! Enjoy!

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Music Tracks: "You Are Loved (Don’t Give Up)" by Josh Groban (download) | "Find You’re Gone" by Wolfsheim (download)

Kimi: We Still Know How To Win
From Autosport.com

Kimi Raikkonen says he is confident that Ferrari has not lost the
ability to win races, and believes its current lack of results is just
a temporary situation.

Ferrari showed better pace in Spain after introducing a
comprehensive upgrade package, but only came away with sixth place for
Felipe Massa as the Brazilian ran low on fuel in the closing laps and
Raikkonen retired with a hydraulic issue.

Although the Finn had only started from 16th thanks to a strategic
error in qualifying, he felt Ferrari could take encouragement from the
Barcelona weekend.

"What is positive is that the car is stronger than before and we can
still improve it a lot," said Raikkonen. "We are getting where we want
to be which is fighting with the guys at the front and that is what we
are aiming for.

"We are taking the first step, so if we take something positive out
that is a good thing. Apart from that it was a difficult weekend for us
but hopefully we’ll get some better races. We have not been very lucky
with many things lately but at some point it will turn and we will be

He denied that the team had forgotten how to win races.

"We haven’t lost anything, it is the same people doing the same things as when we were winning. But we seem to make some mistakes and sometimes you make mistakes more easily when you push harder and try and get back.

"When you are winning it is always easy, you can always be safe with
certain things. For sure we could have done many things better this
year but we are learning from all the things and I am sure we can get
back at that level.

"It is just it seems to take an awful long time but it is not the
first time in racing that it happens. We know what we need to do, and
like I said at some point we will get it back and be where we want to

11 thoughts on “F1 GP Highlights: Spain 2009

  1. Gooooood morning the Earth!!Thank you Saima, i wake up with your vid, and it’s a great way to begin a day!!i understand your mixed feeling and your songs are perfect!! :)"Don’t give up", never for sure!We were lucky in one way to have seen Kimi some moments during the race, more than in other races even if he stayed on track less longer !!Keep flying Kimi and keep flying Evenstar!!


  2. hey dear saima – you stayed so late as well yesterday – it was already 1 am with us when i downloaded your spanish highlights… what a fine definition: highlights – as i didnt see the race i was even more eager to see your newest masterpiece . it brought light into my dark mood and i began to feel high – your endless optimism gives us strength to forget trouble and bad luck… Kimi is the best – and will be as long as his fans believe in him and keep supporting him as well as each other THANKS!!!


  3. :o) That was nice to wake up to earlier today!Thumbs up Saima!


  4. Cheers!By the way, you might’ve already heard that some teams confirmed they won’t enter 2010 because of the budget cap and two-tier system, and Ferrari have said they will discuss their future in F1 now too: http://www.autosport.com/news/report.php/id/75263


  5. yes, really stupid and idiots. if you watch and read something by italians journalists about Kimi you can scream.it’s horrible what they can do and say to him.no good race in their poor opinion, never.oh, six positions at start it’s nothing,no?look at massa if he starts on the back what can do after during a whole race!(he’s able to construct a good race only starting in pole and first lines) but in italy he’s an hero.and colajanni’s interviews about using kers and electronic problems….doesn’t he know that on tv we can see all we need to understand the race and drivers moves?ahhhhhh.Kimi, don’t care about that, keep flying, we are with you!


  6. Note – The bandwidth of KRS (photo albums and etc) has gone over again because it’s so busy! (that’s a good thing of course lol) so that’s why the pictures are blank – it should go back to normal itself in 24 hours.


  7. Hi Evenstar, thanks a lot for the video (is there a chance to comment? I didn’t find it and I really want to). It’s great, as always. Don’t give up, Kimi, because you’re loved!! I was so interested in the video, that my husband came and wanted to know, what I’m doing. And that means you’ve done a very good job. Thanks again. Hope for Monaco. Keep flying Kimi!! Don’t give up.


  8. Great video as always Saima! Shame this turned out to be a bad weekend, but i will always believe in Kimi and I am sure he will prove all his critics wrong in Monaco (i bet you can guess who I’m thinking of lol)- fingers crossed anyway! I just read that Ferrari are boycotting next season. I really hope this is just a threat from them because it would be a tragedy to lose Ferrari and Kimi would be left without a drive! :Othanks again Saima X


  9. @missis: that’s great! no potential Kimi (or F1 fan in general) should miss out on the videos :)@Matt: Hi again! Yes Ferrari had released their threatening views earlier today: http://www.autosport.com/news/report.php/id/75277I hope Max Mosley changes his mind. But I do not think he will because he’s just a mad man. Someone needs to take him and his outrageous mentality down!I’m sure we’ll have Kimi racing elsewhere if it’s the end of the road in F1. Like…rally for example. He’ll be doing his third rally already this year, in Italy later this month, can you believe!? he’s just too awesome. And no doubt he’ll be just as thrilling to watch because in rally he has a whole new platform to unleash his talent on. Let’s hope things change in F1 for 2010 though.A lot of fans have followed us here and put forth their complaints to the BBC – I wish I was like a proper journalist hanging around the paddock just so I could give Eddie Jordan a piece of my mind 🙂 but Kimi will do that on track, coz he doesn’t bullshit off track.


  10. Thanks Saima for the great video and the songs are perfect. Good job as always.Even if Kimi hangs his F1 helmet, we will always follow him so long as there are news about him.He’s a great driver with great attitude, and always let his driving speaks for him. Keep flying Kimi!


  11. It’s ok. Kimi had some bad seasons before. I’m always here and surpport him. I know he works very hard,that is the most important thing for me. When I see his smile,I can forget what happen in Spanish GP~hahaKimi, keep flying and never give up *_*I’ll always be here and surpport you ~~~


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