“Kimi Will Be 2009 WDC” – Blundell

From Crash.net

Kimi Raikkonen will win the 2009 FIA Formula 1
Drivers’ World Championship – that’s the prediction of Crash.net
columnist and former ITV-F1 pundit Mark Blundell.

Raikkonen endured a largely torrid season in 2008 and, while he
definitely had the speed to set a record-equalling ten fastest laps, he
was forced to play second fiddle to Ferrari team-mate Felipe Massa, who
only lost out on the title by one point following a dramatic final
round showdown in Brazil with McLaren’s Lewis Hamilton. Despite all
that, however, Blundell reckons the ‘ice-man’ could come good again
this year.

“I might be completely wrong here but, for some reason, I think
Kimi Raikkonen might turn things around and come back stronger than
ever,” MB told Crash.net Radio in his exclusive 2009 F1 season preview.

“I am going to put my money on him again for the title – like I did
for 2007. Let’s wait and see. I might change that prediction when it
comes to the first race and when we see what goes on in winter

As for how Raikkonen performed in 2008, Blundell added that he was shocked by Kimi’s form, or lack of it.

“I was very surprised in ’08, because I felt Kimi would go on again
after pulling the championship off," he admitted, "There was a lot more
still to be done and there was no pressure on his shoulders because he
had delivered. I thought he would be right there and in contention.”

“At the beginning of the season, he was up there and all was going
according to plan. But then, all of a sudden, things dropped out and he
went below the radar.

“On many occasions, we saw Kimi struggle in qualifying trim, but
then gradually, as the race went on, you would see him and the Ferrari
getting it together and coming on strong and pulling off fastest lap
after fastest lap.

“But it was all too late then – that was very costly. He never collected enough points when it mattered.”

https://i0.wp.com/img236.imageshack.us/img236/6773/krsevenstarsmall3aat2.pngHmmm…is it just me or has someone caught on a bit late about what happened in 2008? I was having second-thoughts about posting this from Mark Blundell, mainly because he says a lot of things about F1, the teams and the drivers, most of the time he does not really make complete sense (fans who’ve been watching F1 on ITV would know what I mean!) Blundell’s a pretty cockney and confused chap with his wording when live on tv; you’d imagine him commentating on football. Granted, he was used by ITV to ‘dumb down’ to the general and non-interested tv viewer what’s going on. But it seemed to get worse when Hamilton stepped onto the scene, understandably. Planet-F1 have already made a list of the most hilarious ‘Blundells’ and now you’ll see why I hesitated to post his thoughts on Kimi for 2009. Mark’s a funny guy though, genuinely nice and bubbly and he still feels Kimi will fight back, as Mika Hakkinen has recently also shared. Let’s just wait and see as Kimi only does his talking on track!

P.S  Don’t miss the brilliant Ajoneuvos Kimi video that we previously posted about; his interview and his awesome Ferrari car driving, with subtitles and in high quality! Visit the forum to download. Many thanks to Wenny, Kinga and Jian for the editing.

1 thought on ““Kimi Will Be 2009 WDC” – Blundell

  1. HaHa.. It’s pretty hilarious some of the PlanetF1’s "All-Time Best Blundell" once they put into writing. 🙂 But in general I think he’s a nice guy and sometimes maybe he tried not to be too "subjective" so ended up with all those conflicting statements….


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