KRS F1 GP Highlights: Belgium 2008 That…was…exhausting. But I’m relaxed now, having just had a hot shower while the videos were uploading. Unneccessary information perhaps, hehe. The highlights are long but that was always going to be the case with this race, however I succeeded in making the video under my target of 10 minutes. Get your speakers or headphones ready, sit back, grab a coffee or a snack and please do enjoy! (well, try to, no matter the ending)
Size – 62.1MB
Duration – 9.45mins
Music track list: ‘Out of the Blue’ (2008 violin edit) by Ferry Corsten, ‘Serenata’ by Immediate Music

Download via Mediafire or Megaupload

7 thoughts on “KRS F1 GP Highlights: Belgium 2008

  1. Beautiful, just beautiful…. big big hug to you Saima (and Billy:) !!!  This space has also become my favorite site, can’t live my life without the KRS… and all the comments from all over the world….these are what keep me going everyday 🙂 
    The Prancing Horse is coming home to Monza, SO………


  2. Hiya! Hands down the best race of the season and the best highlight vid! (yes, even with the bitter ending).Looved the second song, it´s so emotional; I kept pumping my fists as Kimi passed Hamster, I´ll never forget that move. And your video proves yet again, for the 3rd billion time, that Hamster didn´t decelerate after cutting the chicane, he started pushing harder.This is definitely a turning point for Kimi, it´s something in his attitude that has changed.Flat out at Monza-Go Kimi!!! ;pKeep flying Kimi – Keep flying Evenstar!!!


  3. Excellent video! It was such a great race until the rain.Thanks for that, you have just put a smile back on my face, so good to see Kimi being able to really go for it again!


  4. *big smile* thanks guys.Kimi is definately happy to do real racing again. Pity that it couldn’t come sooner in the season…but I’m sure he’ll be around for a while longer yet 😉


  5. Brilliant !
    I really enjoy watching it, no matter my tears at the end.
    So proud of Kimi, my hero, my belief!
    Thank you, Evenstar! And happy birthday! ^^


  6. i like the vid.   it was good…the video mix with emotions  it real fun to wacth even kimi did not complete the race…i still believe that kimi will win ..go kimi go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  7. Excellent vid.  Really great race. Such a pity about the final result but the racing was the best, and we all know who has the bigger balls don’t we? !


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