Raikkonen & Photographer to Shake Hands After ‘Grid Lock’?

https://i2.wp.com/img141.imageshack.us/img141/8259/545660ut8.jpgAnd I think I have to clear this up once more. Yesterday, one guy is doing his job as a photographer (even if he’s Mr Paul-Henri Cahier, and it can be very irritating for the subject who is a person) and the other is trying to do his job but is interrupted. Photographer Mr Cahier tries to get a shot of Kimi preparing for the race, however the Iceman doesn’t seem in the mood when Cahier gets a bit too close…

Kimi was quite annoyed at that guy being right in his face while he’s doing his business. Embarrassing for both sides, but Kimi probably didn’t expect the photographer to fall over like that. However it went both ways, Cahier was in his face, stepping on his stuff, and Kimi didn’t like it. Also, Mark Arnall (Kimi’s trainer next to him) seems to have got annoyed too, saying "oi, mind the stuff", the exact moment Kimi looked up. The photographer was leaning on Kimi’s race stuff.

Taken from an interview in Saturday’s Silverstone Red Bulletin issue, Kimi says: "I don’t mind what people think too much. If they ask nice questions then yes, but for sure if they ask stupid questions I won’t answer and they will think I’m a dickhead. But it goes both ways. If everyone’s nice to eachother it’s much easier." Kimi’s manager Steve Robertson and Ferrari press man Colajanni were interviewed on the small incident. They defended Kimi saying they completely understand his reaction although they will try to prevent such incidents occuring in the future. It seems the photographer was working for the Cahier Archive image website, and this is the proof with the famous Cahier signature > This was the picture that flashed in Kimi’s eyes as he bent down to get something and the photographer carelessly stood on it, causing Kimi to push him away.
The famous photographer who was pushed by Kimi can keep this bruising but golden memory with him and on his website, the moment is captured vividly highlighting the blue/green eye of the Iceman who went hot. Yummy.

It’s negative coverage of the world champion, unnecessarily provoked by a photographer who doesn’t know where the limit is. Kimi’s not a jerk. He’s the most composed and laid back guy I’ve ever seen and I don’t even know him. If Kimi is a jerk for pushing this guy, he would have done far worse to Lewis Hamilton for crashing into him in the pit lane of the 2008 Canadian GP. But he didn’t.

Speaking to the Finnish press today, Kimi’s spoke person Riku Kuvja said:

"They will surely shake hands in Hockenheim. The error was mutual."

Räikkönen is not expected to follow this case or be pursued any legal action from Mr Cahier:

"He is a long-line photographer, and knows the spirit of the game. It is not anticipated that the photographer will take any action," Riku Kuvaja said.

Press Release from Cahier Archive

Following the incident involving Kimi Raikkonen and Paul-Henri Cahier
on the starting grid of the British Grand Prix in Silverstone, that saw
the finnish driver assault the photographer, we decided that it was
necessary to clarify a few points.

There never was any contact between the two men, nor did Paul-Henri
ever touch Kimi’s equipment. Furthermore, the distance at which
Paul-Henri Cahier was taking a picture, although close, was completely
standard. The photographers who take pictures at Grand Prix races are
all professionnals who have been accredited by the FIA, and as the
dozen other photographers who were standing next to Paul-Henri Cahier
prove, there was nothing unusual or unethical about this situation.

Finally, Paul-Henri Cahier has been an F1 photographer for almost
fourty years and has been close to the greatest champions, but none of
them has ever behaved in such a rude manner. It is understandable that
drivers might get irritable because of the pressure they undergo, but
Kimi Raikkonen never even attempted to express his discontent in a non
violent way. Paul-Henri Cahier luckily did not suffer any injury, and
so does not intend to take any action, but he regrets the arrogance
with which Kimi Raikkonen treated someone who was merely doing his job.

https://i0.wp.com/i11.photobucket.com/albums/a188/SaimaAzam/Misc/krsevenstarsmall3.png Oh whatever. Kimi’s trainer told Cahier to MIND THE STUFF and was right in Kimi’s way of his preparations. The video clearly shows, as does the last picture above, Kimi
leaning over to get something, and Cahier was being careless knocking
something over and flashed a light right in Kimi’s face as the
PHOTOGRAPH TAKEN PROVES! This is hardly arrogant behaviour, just a really upset driver. Kimi is
known to dislike photo sessions in Formula One, though he takes his time signing autographs for fans, but he has never been
as annoyed as this, not once. He went defensive and probably the
adrenalin drivers have before the race starts played a part and clearly Raikkonen doesn’t like people coming too close, let alone a photographer. I hope
this teaches some lessons for photographers to do their job PROPERLY.
Anyway, I hope both parties can put this behind as soon as possible and apologise to each other – Cahier should apologise for not considering Kimi’s space when preparing for a tough race in the wet, and Kimi should perhaps say sorry for making the man fall over like that (which I’m absolutely positive he didn’t intend).

Ferrari have downplayed the incident as ‘an unfortunate circumstance’:

The team explained the world champion’s actions on Sunday as
‘understandable’, after the Finn shoved Cahier because he felt the
photographer was being ‘too intrusive’.

"The photographer’s
behaviour was too intrusive as he put his feet on Kimi’s stuff despite
Kimi’s physio warning," Ferrari spokesman Luca Colajanni told
autosport.com. "There is video evidence and witnesses which can confirm it.

reaction was understandable, considering how important the minutes
before the start of a race are for a driver. He did not push Cahier too
hard: the photographer fell down because he was in an unbalanced

"We believe it was an unfortunate circumstance."

photographer Darren Heath witnessed the incident and explained on his
website’s blog that Cahier had crossed into Raikkonen’s personal space.

got too close and Kimi had taken action, firmly shoving the press man
away," said Heath. "A tense few seconds ensued as the snapper thought
to retaliate, the wound-up Finn turning away and defusing the

4 thoughts on “Raikkonen & Photographer to Shake Hands After ‘Grid Lock’?

  1. Ggrrr! Just read the press release on that photographer’s website. If there was never any contact between them, how can he describe Kimi’s actions as rude and arrogant, as if there was no contact then Kimi couldn’t have done anything could he? And a standard distance? Yes, of course, you can tell that from the picture that he took…not! None of the other photographers were as close as him, like he cited.Oooohh that annoyed me…..until I read further down the page and came to the conclusion that he is obviously a Lewis and Felipe fan from the comments made, and the lesser amount of text written about the races where Kimi won this year.I hope he got a VERY muddy bum! Idiot!


  2. After reading the photographer’s website I wanted to take a closer look at that video, and he is talking out of his butt.
    How can he possibly say that he is just as close as the other photographers? He could

    not get more in Kimi’s face if he tried!

    http://i169.photobucket.com/albums/u223/Nicki_665/KR/KRPapvid_0003.jpgCould he get ANY closer?!! And I get the feeling from watching it
    slowly, that Kimi probably would have just moved him backwards if he
    hadn’t have taken this photo right in his facehttp://i169.photobucket.com/albums/u223/Nicki_665/KR/KRPapvid_0004.jpgThen he probably just thought ‘sod it’ and pushed him, and I don’t blame him at all!

    Could always say that he was momentarily blinded by the flash and lost his balance…..


  3. Don´t get any angrier Nicki, there´s no point; Kimi took care of business by pushing him : )! And never mind what people say, they´re always going to see the other side and not ours; that guy was within 2 centimeters of Kimi´s face, and I´m sure if Kimi had asked him to step back he wouldn´t have done it either….And despite whatever bad press he may get, we know him, his fans, and that´s what matters, the people who can´t see that the photographer was trully getting in his way, are just blind.But yeah, the remark in the press release about him not ever meeting such a "rude champion" pi**** me off too; but Saima just proves that it´s the media he dislikes, not his fans, as shown in the video.KEEP FLYING OUR DEAR ICEMAN! (nevermind what the ignorants may say!)


  4. I understand why Nicki’s so upset.  I’m very annoyed, too!  But, like some dude I read about online who found himself in a quagmire, had to keep his cool, and thus asked himself, "What would Kimi Raikkonen do?", I say WWKRD?!  😀  Of course, knowing our boy, he’s not going to give a rat’s a$$ what the media say or write about him.Sure, the photographer didn’t touch Kimi’s gear.  He just stepped on them (or knelt, as I imagine he was on his knees when he so rudely took that photo of Kimi up close)!  LOLI love that video of Kimi signing autographs!  The female fans were shrieking after they got their stuff signed… who wouldn’t???


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