Kimi’s Column: Post – Monaco GP

From am not a fisherman but we tried to get the biggest possible catch
from Monaco but nothing came up even though we finished the race.

I can’t help it and it is no use to think about it anymore. I left
that race behind me right after I had apologized to Adrian for ruining his

Sometimes it is just so difficult when nothing works like you
wished for. Yes we had quite good car for Monaco. Our car was much
better than last year but the result was even worse.

We got in to the front row in qualifying which was a great result
for the team but when I wasn’t able to get the pole it made the race
quite much harder for me then already.

I wished for a wet race and I got it. We just lost it before the
race even started. We couldn’t get my back tyre in place because there
was some problem with the bolt. We had to use too much time fixing it
and we got penalized.

Honestly speaking it was truly a horrible race. We didn’t get any
grip to the tyres and the car was just out of control. I couldn’t see
anything either because I didn’t get the lead.

After my penalty I just tried to finish the race and get the best
points I could get. Honsetly, 5th place and 4 points would have
been a good result from that race beacause all our plans had blown up
in the air.

I just crashed to Sutil. Somewhere else I could have done something
maybe, but when you brake on a bump on a street circuit like Monaco you
just lose it and thats it. What troubles my mind the most is the fact
that I ruined Adrians great race. I know how much it is hurting him.

So we got nothing from Monaco. It was a second bad race for the
season. I said already after Spain that even though there is no need to
count the points yet it is good to have a little safety gap in points.

We all get some bad races during the season and now it was my turn
again. Luckily I had a little point advantage so I am still in a good
postition to fight for the championship.

Now it is time to look forward. Canada is a nice place and our car
should be better there too compared to last season. You cant help it
though if it is going to be a strange GP like Monaco was. We are trying
our best to score as many points as possible and that is what we really
need after Monaco.

This is kindly translated from a member on the AtlasF1 forums, however once the english version is released on Kimi’s website, I’ll made adjustments if there are needed.

Well, Kimi has apologised more than he should, but it shows he is very sorry for ruining Sutil’s race. Yesterday it emerged that Sutil was cautioned for passing 3 cars during a yellow flag period in the race. Had he finished the race in 4th place anyway, he would have likely been dropped places or given a 25 second penalty. Below are extra quotes from Kimi taken off Ferrari’s website. things go well and sometimes they don’t. But what happened to
us at Monaco was something no one could have foreseen. I left Monaco
empty handed. Everything that could go wrong did. But I never look
back, because you can’t change things of the past. Now we can only
analyze the causes, which produced this outcome and we have to try, as
far as we can, that these things never happen again. I’m really sorry
for what happened with Sutil and I told him I was sorry. These are
things that just happen in racing.

We had a strong car for this
track; a car that was much better than the one we had last year. We
gained the first row in Qualifying, which was a great result for the
Team. We hoped that it would rain and that is what happened, but then
everything went wrong, even before the start.

We had a problem
with the right rear wheel before the start and we went over the
3-minute-limit, which triggered the penalty. After that the race it was
a bit like a ride. I never had the right grip and the car was extremely
nervous. Being behind the cars I could hardly see anything and the aim
was to get as many points as possible. The fifths place would have been
still acceptable, but then there was the accident with Sutil. On every
other track I could have avoided the Force India car, but not at
Monaco. After the safety car phase my brakes were cold and I braked on
a small bump on the track, loosing the control of the car. There was
nothing I could do.

This was my second bad race this year, but,
as I’ve already said after the race at Barcelona, we all have some bad
days. I built up a little advantage before the race, which enabled me
to absorb, at least a bit, that negative race.

Although I didn’t
collect any points in the last race, thus loosing the lead in the
Championships, it’s not the end of the world. Last year I was in a much
poorer situation. Now we have to go to Montreal con and pay back. It’s
a nice city and I’m convinced that we’ll have a better car than last
year. Traditionally Canada is a good race for Ferrari; so let’s hope
that we can continue this tradition. It’s possible to have strange
races there, too, because it’s very possible that the safety car will
be employed, but we’re ready for every kind of situation.


5 responses

  1. Sol123

    This is our guy, he´s honest, he admits he and the team messed up, and that´s all there is to it. A great racer is like this, all there´s to do now is look ahead to the upcoming races and try to work out the problems, and to move forward in every aspect of racing.I agree with you Saima, that he apologized one too many times, but again, that´s what makes him grand, he aknowledges what he´s done instead of blaming others.So let´s all stop with Monaco and focus in Canada, which to tell you the truth, I´m a bit scared of, because it hasn´t been a favourable track for Ferrari in the past; although I remember that they tested with the Canada GP configuration in some of this year´s tests and it went quite smoothly, so perhaps we can be a bit more hopeful.I still cannot believe how crazy everything has been since Sunday, all the stupidities that have been said, and people just keep going at it, it makes no sense!;)KEEP FLYING KIMI-FORZA FERRARI!


    May 27, 2008 at 8:54 pm

  2. KRS Evenstar

    I’m more than happy to move on, today was the last day I’m ever going to talk about Monaco until something else happens lol Feeling pretty crap after it all now, sometimes my words don’t even comfort myself, but I know Kimi will bounce back – he has to put up with the mess harder than we do anyway. Hope he’s alright.Canada will be Ferrari’s big challenge I guess then, to fight back. I hope they can, like they did in Malaysia after Australia. Kimi got a lot of stick for Australia but won the following weekend, woohoo. Hope he can do that again lolHamilton is gonna be on fire in Canada, since he won his first GP there. After winning in Monaco, he probably betters better than Senna and bigger than God thanks to all the media drivel around him. Poor kid. At least he had a whole nation to support him through his crappy races in Bahrain and Malaysia.Whatever happens, never be too sure of anything. All I can be sure of though is Kimi works hard at everything he does and he’ll do his best to overcome his gremlins once more.Peace out.


    May 27, 2008 at 9:02 pm

  3. Sol123

    Hey, keep your spirits up!!! We need you, you´re the glue holding us all together, and I´m not kidding! Really Saima, don´t feel bad, apart from everything you should be extremely proud of your work, it´s thanks to you that we get the chance to discuss how we feel and share our opinions, and you get to know us all lunatics that love Kimi and F1!xoxoxo


    May 28, 2008 at 2:32 am

  4. KRS Evenstar

    Awwww, that’s great to hear. I’ll be making the Monaco Highlight video today, and it will be a longer one that usual obviously – eventhough the motivation to make it isn’t as strong because of what happened but I’ll make it worth your time, promise! These videos are the story of Kimi’s Ferrari career, so no reason not to capture the bad moments.Speak soon!


    May 28, 2008 at 11:54 am

  5. Unknown

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