F1 GP Highlights: Turkey

Here it is then, albeit a little difficult to make hence why it’s later than usual. But it was a race which had the most important element – racing. Even if the lead was yet  again decided by pit-stops, Hamilton did pass Massa for the lead and we saw enough back field scraps with Kovalainen to keep us interested. For us Kimi fans however, it was a mediocre race but our Iceman scored pretty nicely after a ‘bad’ weekend.

In this video I’ve included a new feature that we’ll see throughout the rest of the season videos, and it’s a recap of the championship standings (so you know what’s going on after each round.) And you might find it funny, like I did, where our ITV presenter Steve Rider had to shout over the engines noises in Barrichello’s garage, hilariously to no avail! Anyway, enough chatter and let’s watch…but feel free to leave comments below! Cheers.

Size – 50.3MB
Duration – 6.18mins
Music tracks – ‘Kuzu Kuzu’ by Tarkan, ‘Dimension’ (7" edit) by Salt Tank

Download via Mediafire
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4 thoughts on “F1 GP Highlights: Turkey

  1. Saima hi!!! It´s been a while hasn´t it? I haven´t been posting comments but I visit the site daily so don´t worry! Just watched the highlights video and let me tell you, I don´t  know how you do it!!! Every video you make keeps getting better and better, so CONGRATULATIONS!!! And I´m looking forward to the Monaco GP, see you then. Cheers!


  2. Cheers Sol! *hugs*


  3. hats off to u saima for another great video. sadly kimi didn’t win but he’s sure to bounce back in monaco.can u please tell me again all the songs u used in italy 2007 video and also tell where u downloaded them from. thank you in advance.


  4. i am from china,tHX for your wonderful space,i like it very much.


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