Kimi In Monza to Spur on Vilander

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"In the afternoon, right before qualifications started, a special guest was
wandering by AF Corse in Thomas Biagi boxes: "His Majesty" Kimi Raikkonen,
World Champion of F1 with Ferrari and friends to Toni Vilander."

"At Monza, Kimi also
caught up on the progress of the F3 team – Double R Racing – that he
formed in 2004 with his manager Steve Robertson."

So Kimi is in Monza today to see his good old friend Toni Vilander race in the FIA GT, with Ferrari. I guess they have a lot more in common now that Kimi races in a Ferrari too!

Kimi follows Toni’s career closely and in his column before the Spanish Grand Prix, he mentioned how happy he was to see his compatriot win in Silverstone:

was great to see my pal Toni Vilander to win the opening race of FIA GT
series for Ferrari. I follow keenly Toni’s season  and it felt so good
to see him go so strongly in the wet Silverstone circuit. Well done!"

"Whatever Kimi did he did it in no time, like a comet, leaving others standing…"

And in other news luckily found through a net browse by Official forum member ‘miezicat’, here is a special feature called ‘Kimi Coment’ which talks about the way he shot up to F1 from karting and also Kimi’s nature as a racing driver. A must read for Kimi fans!

2 thoughts on “Kimi In Monza to Spur on Vilander

  1. Great article! And it´s nice to see Kimi making time to support his friend!


  2. Absolutely inspiring.  He really deserves to win championships.


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