Video: F1 World Champion 2007

So here’s my review of Kimi’s 2007 season: the making of a new world champion and our hero. I hope you’ll enjoy it. Comments and views would be appreciated!

Size – 72.61 MB
Duration – 5.44 Minutes
Music – ‘Spinning Away’ by
Sugar Ray

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9 thoughts on “Video: F1 World Champion 2007

  1. Awesome job Saima…awww, I have shiver when I am watching it…really great one!!! 🙂


  2. WHAT AN AMAZING VIDEO SAIMA!!! Since I discovered your site, I´m a huge fan, and obviously a huge fan of Kimi. This video reminds me of the beginning at Ferrari, I really thought he wouldn´t fit in, that he wouldn´t get used to the Italians, but now we can see how comfortable he is. Not only because he is in a team that helped him achieve his ultimate goal, WORLD CHAMPION!!!, but now you can  truly see that he is happy and at ease at Ferrari. He never demonstrated that at McLaren, he always looked miserable…. I never doubted that Kimi would eventually become champion, it´s just that he struggled so much at McLaren. But since the first time I saw him race I knew we were in the presence of one of the Great ones, one of those drivers that are born not so often.So to sum it all up, I think this site is THE best one related to Kimi, he is a great, deserving champion (there are obviously more championships to come!), and I´m so happy to se that he is happy, and he is smilling…………..A LOT!!!Thanks Saima – KEEP FLYING KIMI! FERRARI FOREVER!!!


  3. I think I like it very much. I often come here to see the news about Kimi, this is really a good place to get the news.


  4. wow great video,i love it! go kimi!


  5. thank you saima u are the best is also raikkonen.


  6. saima…. i can’t see this video 😦


  7. can you re upload…. cause there is no video file anymore 😦


  8. Hope you can re-upload this one! Really like your videos 🙂


  9. One more request to re-upload this video


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