A Shy Boy at Heart

From abs-cbnnews.com


World Formula One champion Kimi Raikkonen, whose monosyllabic and understated demeanor is often at odds with the glamour of his sport, says he’s just a shy boy at heart.

"Me, shy? I’ve always been like this and probably always will be. It works so I see no reason to change," the Finn admits in a television interview due to be screened on Sky Italia on Sunday.

"I’m the same person even if I’m different at work to what I’m like at home, with my family or friends. These are different situations."

Raikkonen will begin the defense of his Formula One title on March 16 in Australia with team-mate Felipe Massa, Britain’s McLaren driver Lewis Hamilton and Renault’s twice former world champion Spaniard Fernando Alonso his most likely threats.

A good reminder from Kimi that he has always remained true to himself. That’s what has kept him so close to his family and friends throughout his career, despite the pressure from the media and tabloids on his life. He likes to keep himself as normal and unchanged as possible – and it shows you can still succeed and win the hearts of those who actually matter. Indeed, winning the hearts at Ferrari and their devoted tifosi was a huge task to undertake but in Kimi’s hindsight he knew he didn’t have to change.

Tomorrow I will be posting a special piece of F1Racing’s March issue, by journalist Roberto Chinchero who explores what the Italian public really think of Ferrari’s latest world champion.

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