Kimi’s 2007 Season in Quotes – Part IV of IV

Kimi’s cruise to victory from pole position at Spa lifted up hopes in his championship dream, and with just three races left for Kimi it was all or nothing. He knew what he had to do and finally, justice prevailed.

Japan GP: 3rd

img443/5443/200357711144910resizemr1.jpgThe Iceman"We raced with virtually zero visibility. The hardest thing to work out was where the other drivers were and what they were doing. My race was ruined by the enforced pitstop on lap three. We had chosen to start on standard rain tyres but we will never know now if this decision would have paid off.

"Once I was back at the pack we tried our best to move back up. All in all, third place is not a result to complain about…Clearly the situation in the championship is now much more difficult, but I will still give it my all right to the end of the season as usual." img129/244/346303rf7.jpg

The Ice Burns, Kimi – "After the race I heard there were some rules to force everyone to start on full wets but the FIA or race control forgot to tell our team. That forced us to pit behind the safety car. It cost us but not a lot. Ah, it’s like any other podium really. I would rather be in the middle. Third place doesn’t really give me anything."

"It looks like Hamilton has wrapped it up, but we will not give up. We will at least try to make it difficult for them by winning the last two races."

The Snowflakes, Kimi – "We had the car set up for the dry so it was not perfect for the wet but we did well. I thought we had a good car.  We could have gone faster."

China GP: 1st

The Iceman"I am very happy! It is a really great result for me and the whole team, who done a truly excellent job,. We needed this win and we got it. At the start of the race, I had a lot of understeer but then the situation improved. I knew Alonso was very quick but I was in full control of the situation. The car overall was working well both in the wet and in the dry. Last week in Fuji, we were unlucky but today things went right for us."

The Ice Burns, Kimi – "We lost the pole position, although I did a very good lap in Q3. Hamilton had less fuel and it was impossible to beat him then. After the start, we had some difficulties. We had so much understeer and the car wouldn’t turn properly into any of those corners."

Bernie Ecclestone – "In fact, my main fear would be if he didn’t win it. Kimi Raikkonen barely talks to anyone and as such has done little for the sport…"

The Snowflakes, Kimi – "We have had yet another example that in this sport anything can happen. The situation in the drivers’ classification is still difficult, but I will try everything to win in Brazil, even if the final outcome does not just depend on what we do. It should be a great battle, very hard to predict and interesting. Ferrari has now won 200 Grands Prix. I have only played a small part in this great history, but I am very proud to be part of this legendary team. 200 wins just proves that Ferrari always strikes back. Good for us!"

Luca Baldisserri – "Generally with Kimi, we were struggling a bit at the beginning because he had some trouble to adapt his driving style to our car… but I have to say that from mid-season to the race that he did today he can be at the same level as Michael. A driver that can do a race like today, in such difficult conditions, without making a mistake is a great driver."

Mark Webber (Red Bull driver) – "Whoever wins the championship, deserves it, but I’d really love to see Kimi win the race and the title. That’s my tip."

Michael Schumacher – "I’m quite happy to be watching the race from my sofa at home this time. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for Kimi and our team."

Brazil GP: 1st & World Champion

img144/5672/diapo344qg1.jpgThe Iceman"For sure we were not in the strongest position as some point of the season. But we always believed we can recover, we always believed we can do a better job than the others. Even in hard times we stick together and never give up. I have to thank the team, they did a great job, not just today but all year. We always worked hard and improved the situation, we had perfect team work, we had a hard fight with Massa all year and he was unfortunate not being in the fight any more.

"I got a very good start, we were side by side with Felipe but we didn’t want to race too hard. I got past Hamilton and then he went off and I knew we had a chance then. We had good speed with the car, taking it easy, saving the car and tyres, we could have gone faster. Perfect work from the team, it paid off very well so thanks very much. After the last few races we scored some good points, it has been a good finish to the season, great work for everybody. I am very happy: it was an amazing day."

The Ice Burns, Kimi  – "I am so happy it almost hurts."

The Snowflakes, Michael Schumacher – "I was so, so happy to see Kimi and Felipe leading the way across the finish line. I’ve always believed that you should never, ever give up and you should always keep fighting even when there’s only a slightest chance. Congratulations to Kimi and all our guys – that was a super performance."

David Robertson (Kimi’s manager) – "He’s become the champion of the world! It’s what he’s always wanted. And bless him he really deserved it. He has kept hisimg144/8546/354572sc1.jpg mouth shut, has done the job and up pops the championship. For me he is by far the best driver, the coolest kid in the worldand today is an example of what he is  about. To be honest, yes I did [think he could do it], I have felt very positive all weekend, as has Kimi with every race he steps into, and it spreads onto me. I have got to tell you that a lot of the press around here are pretty happy that he’s pulled it off from what looked like a pretty slim chance, he went and done it. Fantastic."

Italian president Giorgio Napolitano – "Compliments to Kimi Raikkonen, Felipe Massa and all the team at Ferrari for an extraordinary victory in difficult circumstances."

Italian Press hail Kimi – "All so incredible but true," ran a headline in Monday’s Gazzetta dello Sport after the Finn won the season-ending Brazilian Grand Prix to snatch the title by one point. "He wins the world championship against all the predictions."

And that’s the end of Kimi’s debut Ferrari season in quotes, straight from the Iceman and the world around him. Now you can watch the season finale highlights, where Kimi became world champion of 2007. Enjoy!

If you’d like to download this video, click here! You will also find 400+ photos of Kimi’s career from karting to winning his Ferrari title.

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  1. Excellent!!I couldn’t wait to see him drive again.


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