Hamilton unlikely to gain WDC position

img264/4210/maxmosleyqs9.jpgFIA president Max Mosley believes Lewis Hamilton is not as important to Formula One as some claim – and in fact could prove to have a negative effect on the sport’s popularity.

Hamilton’s debut season in Formula One shot him to fame worldwide and increased viewership for the sport in the UK. And with the retirement of Michael Schumacher, Hamilton was branded the new leading star of the sport.

But Mosley believes he could, just like Schumacher, become a negative factor for Formula One, if he goes on to dominate for an extensive amount of time.

"If he does the same thing next season as he’s done this season, it will certainly have a big effect," Mosley told the BBC.

"It will start to be negative because we’ll get the Schumacher effect where people start writing to me saying can’t you do something to slow him down.

"He has certainly helped enormously in the UK. He’s also got a lot of interest worldwide because he’s come manifestly not from a rich background. He’s just made it.

"[But] there is always somebody new. If it wasn’t him, it would be either [Nico] Rosberg or [Robert] Kubica or one of the other new stars, a [Sebastian] Vettel, would suddenly be the big one.

"So I think there is a tendency to exaggerate the importance of Lewis Hamilton."

Mosley also downplayed the possibility that Hamilton could yet win the 2007 world championship, should McLaren win their appeal against the decision of the Brazilian Grand Prix stewards on the matter of BMW Sauber and Williams.

"It could happen, absolutely, because this will go to a court of appeal, but it’s very unlikely," he stated. "Even if [the judges] excluded [the BMW and Williams] cars, they are not obliged to reclassify Hamilton.

"There’s absolutely no need, if they don’t wish to, to change the position that Hamilton was in."

Evenstar ~ First of all, I don’t know who claimed Lewis Hamilton was God’s gift to the world of Formula One (other than the men who pleaded in the Court of Appeal during the McLaren vs Ferrari saga, not to punish the McLaren drivers) but to say that interest in Hamilton was sparked due to the fact that he wasn’t from a rich background is rather silly. He isn’t the only one. And worldwide interest? Face it Max, it’s because most of the world think pathetically like Bernie Ecclestone – Lewis was hyped and brought to spotlight for the wrong reasons – as the first ever black rookie into the sport, it was proclaimed everywhere, even on music channels. Unfortunatly for Bernie, Lewis isn’t muslim. He’s is extremely talent by the way! But he’s ike the rest of the F1 grid, not perfect and bound to make mistakes.

The reason I think Mosely is letting it down, gently or harshly – you decide, is because of the ridiculous hype that surrounded Lewis all season, he even has a road named after him in his home town Stevenage – a bit premature don’t you think? And sadly for the country, Hamilton announced he is leaving the UK for Switzerland and the British press have kicked him to the kerb. They build you up only to bring you down, and it couldn’t be more true. He isn’t going to win the title in the courts as most fickle fans would love it to happen, and Lewis knows he doesn’t want it that way and good on him. Schumacher was not negative for the sport – he was simply dominating it. All sports have their dominations and instead of actually trying to increase competition, the FIA went and threw in rules which just took him down – that’s the negative, Michael wasn’t. All winners end up being hated by some fans, it’s part of sport. It’s happened with Alonso and it’ll happen to Kimi and it’ll eventually happen to Hamilton. That doesn’t mean you go in and change the rules just to satisfy some so called ‘fans’ of the sport.

McLaren will be the last ones to pack their bags and enjoy the holidays, having to go through with their appeal in a few weeks. Hopefully, it will be the final kick in the teeth for the British press and everyone can finally move on and accept Kimi Raikkonen as the reigning world champion when the next season starts. For the fans of the sport as well as the fans of the Finn, it’s the least they can do. And cheers to that!

4 thoughts on “Hamilton unlikely to gain WDC position

  1. Saima,
    I agree with you on everything you have said except this one " He’s is extremely talent by the way! "
    I think all formula 1 drivers are talented otherwise they wouldn’t be in formula 1.
    What makes a driver great is his attitude, his approach to every situation in every race, whether the car is good or not….
    And it did show didn’t it?
    Lewis didn’t have it, he couldn’t handle the pressure….his mistake in china, whatever condition your tires are, you can’t lose it in the pit lane entrance… this is formula 1 for Pete’s sake……and this year Alonso a two-time world champion showed that he didn’t have it either, instead of fighting it on track, he took it off-track.
    Drivers who do have it, are Schumacher, who fought when things were bad for him in when Mclaren dominated the sport, he has been in numerous situations where he has succeeded working within the privacy of his team, improving his car……
    Kimi has it it too, fighting every race, with whatever car he had, gave 110%, never gave up and now he’s world champion…
    whether Lewis Hamilton is a worthy champion, we will know in the years to come……


  2. Hiya!Well yes, all F1 driver’s are skilled, but there’s the special talent that only a few of them have. Lewis’s move in Australia at the start showed his racer instinct, for example. He made mistakes later on, but he was going to anyway. Main thing was that Kimi didn’t in the end, and it paid off.Lewis’ approach to every race this year was the same. The reason why he messed up in China and Brazil proves this very point – he wanted to win no matter what, he isn’t like Fernando who would settle for a few points while his rivals beat him to the finish line. Lewis and Kimi are quite similar in that sense, in my opinion. Of course, I don’t speak of their behaviour and attitude, but their racing mentality.What we don’t know, like you said, is how Lewis would cope with an inferior car – or, and a car that’s the fastest but unreliable. We all know Kimi takes every tenth out of his car that’s possible, but the down side to that was the car would be fragile. Kimi’s learnt this year to pace himself evenly, have a strong start on the first lap but then pace himself and wait to bomb in the fastest laps – when it counts. It’s what has won him those races at France, Silverstone, China and Brazil. I don’t know if Lewis is as fast as Kimi – we don’t think so, which is why we’re Kimi fans 🙂


  3. I do agree with you saima, Kimi has changed his style of racin., but on Lewis, you do need to look at his driving, Everyone thinks the move he made in the Italian grand prix on kimi was great, but you do need to look at the replays, he was two car lengths back when he tried that move,kimi was struggling,we all knew that….he could have taken that position safely,  the move was successful only because kimi cooperated, if he didn’t ,people would be saying that was a dumbest move ever….everyone wants to win, I believe every driver is there to be no 1 in every race…. that’s what makes them racing drivers….knowing your limitations,what you can do,what you can’t…I dont blame,lewis for his attitude or his approach to win races, but you got to look at the moves he made…..also, the mistakes he made when he wasn’t in podium winning finish position or when he was struggling with his car setup,his mistakes behind the safety car at Japan or the qualifying incident at Brazil…..


  4. I know, let’s just say Kimi is the best in everything LOL! It’s true though, Kimi is the cleanest, most smoothest racer – there’s never any controversies from him. He is truly a great world champion. He always was to me, he just has the official tag to his name in the books nows lol


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