Video – Japanese GP Highlights | Wallpapers

I’ve realised the anticipation you guys have towards these videos so here it is, as soon as possible!

Kimi lost points to Hamilton and the championship is closing, but it was a race to remember for many reasons – the dense fog, the torrential rain, risky qualifying, Alonso’s accident, Vettel’s huge blunder and Massa’s final charge. But there’s more, indeed! So, sit back and enjoy.

Size – 70MB

Duration – 8.45mins
DownloadJapanese GP 2007 highlights video

Alternate link

P.S I am aware of the problems in downloading, with both different website servers so please do not leave messages in frustration, as I cannot solve it, although try again another time and it should be available!

2007 Fuji, Japan Wallpapers

Here are wallpapers from the 2007 Japanese Grand Prix! You have a juicy
and vibrant selection of 9 images in a downloadable zip/rar file from
the rainy weekend at Fuji. Only in 1280×900 or 1024×786 resolutions.

Download – KRS Fuji 2007 Wallpapers – 1024×

Alternate link

Download – KRS Fuji 2007 Wallpapers – 1280×

Alternate link

4 thoughts on “Video – Japanese GP Highlights | Wallpapers

  1. Hi Saima,
    Once again, I just wanted to appreciate the terrific amount of work you’ve put in, in managing this website, out of your unparalleled support & passion for Kimi and I hope you continue keeping this site alive atleast as long as Kimi’s racing out there – I’ll surely be tuning in with no complaints…..
    Sadly, another season of my favourite sport has passed & my heart bleeds to think that my favourite driver has probably lost out again this year, although I do hope & look forward to watching Kimi win both the remaining races – that’ll be 6 wins this season (2 more than anyone else) – Maybe he’ll still win the WDC. I know Kimi doesn’t think too much about that but I’d love it along with some of the other moments this season like Kimi’s win in Malaysia, the back-to-back wins in Magny-cours & Silverstone and then the best one @ Spa with the "burn-out donut spin" to top it off……
    Once again, Saima, thanks a lot for enhancing my experience of following F1 this season. Like you always say "KEEP FLYING"!!!!!!!!


  2. Awwww. You’re too sweet. Thanks so much for your support too!


  3. It can’t download


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