A Change of Look *Translation!* – Kimi Räikkönen esiintyi gorillana – 29th July

Kimi Raikkonen took the costume of a gorilla in a Poker Run – a boating event in Hanko, a Finnish city. Kimi’s disguise worked as the audience had no idea…Haha! That’s pretty odd and I wasn’t sure if it was true. But here you are, it’s worth to post! Our Kimi doing his funny and unique disguises; first James Hunt at the snow bike event, and now a Gorilla – what next!? Anything that can allow Kimi to enjoy his beer in peace and quiet I guess…

More pics:

Update > Kimi was hidden behind Gorilla suit

(translation credit to Warwick – Official KR Forum)

As expected, Kimi appeared to Hanko’s Poker Run boat race on saturday – but appeared cleverly in gorilla suit.

Räikkönen succeed to trick the audience, who had came to the event to see a glimpse of Kimi. But the audience had a good laugh when three monkeys came from the sea.

The attention suddenly consentrated on the multimillionare Jussi Salonoja, who parked his boat to next to Kimi’s one. When the cameras strated to flash towards Kimi’s good friend, one of the gorillas ran smoothly inside the Ice Eleven boat. In a minute known Formula 1 star’s face flashed behind the curtain.

This wasn’t the first time Kimi hide behind gorilla mask. In 2004 October, he celebrated his friends’ barchelor party in Tampere with the Gorilla suit.  The costume guaranteed that Kimi was able to spent his night anonymously and peace.

In Hanko, James Hunt name was put in the Gorilla crew’s name list. It was the same alias, which Kimi used when he raced at the SnowCircuit race in March.

Kimi’s wife wasn’t at the event, the gorilla crew was all male.

Hahahaha! Kimi’s Gorilla name was James Hunt! That’s too funny, ironic that yesterday I mentioned his alias of James Hunt at a snowbike event. Kimi – you are too funny!

Räikkönen’s gang drove in rain, boat splashes and in a terrible wind,
fashionably with monkey costumes on. They got rewarded as the best team
with costumes. Describes the Fountain Poker Run – boating event’s
organiser Patu Leppälä to Iltalehti."

Then there’s some mumbo jumbo about the event and other partakers. (it
wasn’t a race, but the participants gathered cards from there and in
the end the cards were put on a wall and the team with best hand won)

"In addition to brown furred Räikkönen two of his friends were dressed
in gorilla costumes, their suits were pitch black. The group were
driven by a professional driver in a boat lent from Salonoja, so the
formula star got to enjoy his beer during the ride.

– They had the same driver/captain who had boated Teemu Selänne’s boat
as well, but we kept on looking, that there come the gorillas and
monkeys, Leppälä grins."

"Many people on the dock (following the event), already knew who the guy spending his free time in the brown gorilla suit was.

– Räikkönen’s million-euro-boat was in the harbor and we already knew
that there was going to be a formula star around here, one of the
witnesses speaks out.

– The gorilla-suited man arrived on location only a moment before the
boats left. When the team was fixing the fast boat to the dock and were
attaching the ropes, and someone made some sort of mistake. Then the
brown suited one was yelled that "Kimi, don’t put it like that"

Then it describes how the gala and the whole even went well and no one
was fooling around. There was a poker game, a dinner and some cover
band playing songs.

"- This was a good weekend and nobody fooled around. In the motor boat
team when we’re all together, everyone keeps an eye on one another, and
no one fools around, the previous F1-boat driver exclaims.

He believes this event will be organized next summer too.

– The idea of this event is, that you can drive fast, correctly and
safely. Additionally lots of people go and take a look at the harbor
since there are fine boats at the dock."


5 responses

  1. stephanie

    Hola solo decirte que me encanta tu espacio sobre kimi y me gustaria que me informaras de todod lo que sabes ya que vivo en españa y aqui solo hablan de fernando alonso y no dicen nada de kimi y como tu a mi tambien me gusta el bueno muchas gracias.


    August 1, 2007 at 1:20 pm

  2. KRS Evenstar

    ¡Gracias Stephanie! Soy feliz que usted encuentra esto.


    August 1, 2007 at 1:51 pm

  3. pauline

    Wahou kimi is so beautiful in his suit. Muy bonito.
    Your website is so nice and i can found some pictures and news about Kimi. Thanks a lot
    Es muy original porque eres española y no te gusta Fernando. En clase de Español mi profesora nos hablaba de Fernando este año pero no de Kimi ):
    Bueno, perdoname para mi pobre español (soy francesa y prefiero finlandes o inglesa) pero es bueno para mi de hablar un poco español.
    Buena suerte para el sigue de tu "website". Hasta luego!!!!


    August 1, 2007 at 9:31 pm

  4. seeBaastián

    este espacio es lo mejor que e visto sobre el iceman yo tambn vivo en españa pero debido a que los españoles solo le importa f. alonso pues escasa informacion se lee sobre el y la que se lee es siempre atacando al finlandes.yo tambien soy fans a muerte de kimi asi que tambn mme interesa muchisimo este espace gracias sigue asi esta muy bien!!!:d:dSEBAS


    August 2, 2007 at 8:18 am

  5. eugenia

    muy bueno el espacio, felicitaciones =)


    August 2, 2007 at 4:52 pm

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