Diagnosis – Schumi Syndrome! | Ferrari will win in Canada – Montezemolo

Kimi Raikkonen has ‘Michael Schumacher syndrome’ – reports ….Apparantly.


A respected German newspaper has speculated that Kimi Raikkonen’s struggle at Ferrari this year could have been worsened by a simple and very famous factor.
A writer for Die Welt reports that the former McLaren driver and
Finn appears "paralysed" every time the retired multiple world champion
and team ‘advisor’ Michael Schumacher strolls into the garage wearing a
red uniform.

Italy’s authoritative sports daily La Gazzetta dello Sport headlined
its own story about the same issue by wondering if Kimi can be
diagnosed with ‘Schumi Syndrome’.

Raikkonen, 27, struggled to climb through the field in Monaco after
a qualifying crash, and two weeks earlier was also outperformed by race
winner Felipe Massa in Barcelona before a car failure.

At both events, Schumacher was present, and former quadruple world champion and Ferrari driver Alain Prost is quoted as speculating that Raikkonen is "still not completely integrated" within the Maranello team.

For heaven’s sake, do these so called world champions have a clue? Who honestly expected Kimi to fit right in with the happy Italian bunch from day 1? Granted 5 races have gone by, it’s a relationship in progress and whoever thought it was love at first sight needs a slap.

The thought of Schumi hanging around irritating Kimi did cross my mind at one point, particularly after his qualifying accident…but I seriously doubt Kimi’s race performance is due to that. His attitude and behaviour towards questions regarding Michael haven’t exactly been as flattering as Massa’s, though he says it with a gentle smile. It’s not exactly something to smile about, however, when you’re sitting in your car with your mechanics working on it, then that long chinned 7 time world champion walks into your garage and distracts your mechanics! Kimi has every right to be annoyed in that regard. He appreciates the close bond the team had/have with Michael but enough is enough, Kimi is the driver, he is the one getting the results at the end of the day, and he requires the teams FULL ATTENTION! And perhaps with Michael around, Kimi doesn’t feel the need to stay around the team for moral support, as Michael is there doing it! Gosh, make up your minds people.

Spain’s DNF was a complete electronic based problem that had nothing to do with Michael Schumacher (unless the ex-red baron fancied himself some mischief with Kimi’s car). Set up wasn’t 100% in qualifying hence why he lost a lot of time in the last two sectors, Kim said. In Monaco, Kimi was faster than Massa all the way until his little moment out of the swimming pool. Why do people forget these things? They’re not just people actually, they’re supposed to be world champions and F1 enthusiasts for crying out loud. Did Michael make Kimi hit the barrier? Probably, hence why Kimi decided to imitate the famous parking incident for revenge. Rubbish? You sure bet it is, and so are these ‘report’s of the Schumi Syndrome. Let Kimi develop himself with the F2007 and his mechanics, not have Kimi watch Michael watching Kimi’s team!

Montezemolo: Ferrari will win in Canada
Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo is adamant the Italian squad
will return to winning ways at the Canadian Grand Prix next month.

Rivals McLaren dominated the Monaco Grand Prix last weekend, with
world champion Fernando Alonso leading teammate Lewis Hamilton to a
one-two for the British squad.

Ferrari’s Felipe Massa finished over a minute behind in third, while
teammate Kimi Raikkonen was down in eighth after starting the race from
16th. But di Montezemolo is convinced Ferrari will hit back in Montreal.

"Ferrari will win in Canada. We are recovering because we are working day and night," di Montezemolo was quoted as saying by ANSA news agency. The Italian was also critical of Formula One’s showcase race after the event was completed with hardly any on-track action.

"Monte Carlo is a joke. It’s not even a race, it’s just a TV show," he said.

Haha, actually I think he is right. If anyone else
had said it, I would have agreed too. Today (okay, this year really) the racing
sucked big time at Monaco and all the hype was for nothing really (yes, even
Tilke’s tracks so far have produced at least 1 overtaking manouvre LOL). The build up to sunday’s race was so anti-climatic that the
British media had to make a huge fuss over Hamilton being ‘robbed’ of victory and McLaren were investigated by the FIA, only to be found NOT guilty of team orders. Read more about that here.

But yeah, he wouldn’t have said that if Ferrari won. He’s just
doing his job of brushing off failure and defeat with a "it doesn’t matter anyway"
comment, eventhough the Ferrari team would think quite differently.

Despite the importance of tyres in the hard and heavy braking Montreal circuit, this can be Kimi’s turn around in fortunes if he really works hard between now and then. The car will be back to strong speed and there will be some serious catching up to do. So, Keep Flying Kimi!!!

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